DM maitenance wonders

Hello members,
i need help on something. my DM is awsome, but when i screw the top on and make it a little unresponsive it makes it to loose. i dont know if its striped but i got it like 3 month. also the string keeps getting caught on the starburst side and it sounds like its grinding. but idk what to do about that. i think i should just buy a konkave but u tell me. (jacko61)

Well - how far are you unscrewing the yo-yo? Maybe you are actually unscrewing the yo-yo too wide?
What do you mean the string gets caught on the starburst side? Does it actually slip in between where the bearing sits? A KonKave bearing does help a lot - makes the yo-yo smooth, unresponsive, and keeps the string away from the sides.

I think the KK would only help with your starburst problem.

I totally agree

DM doesn’t have starburst, DM has hybrid respond. Try to play smoother, feel joy with it and the DM won’t go wrong again, I did the same thing too.

Happy Throwing!

Max =]

i had the same prob with my DM. that thing that is making the grinding sound is the string pushing against the starburst. I go a KK bearing and it went away so i figure you should do the same. as for the losses that happens to me too. some how it just went away though. later and remember keep it spinning.

well i unscrew it enough so that it isnt very responsive, but it is just loose. ill go kon kave. i know in the maitenance video you said the yoyo would get stripped eventualy because of so much use. but idk if the seal stuff would work. and no the string doesnt slip off the bearing it just gets caught on the starburst side of the “hybrid” so…idk. thanks guys

You could try sanding down the starburst with sand paper. It would make it more unresponsive too.

I wouldn’t suggest sanding it down. However, the reason that your axle is loose, is that the axle itself has been grinded down on. Just buy some LockTite, ThreadLocker Blue, and that will be fixed.

The string is rubbing up on the starburst–That is why it is making the horrible grinding sound. I have never felt the need to KK a yoyo, just throw straighter.

thanx, ill do that right away.


Ok does anyone see anything wrong with this comment? The DM does have a starburst. Hybrid means duel or mixed. Hybrid cars run on electrisity and gas. Hybrid yoyo resposes have on starburst side and one o-ring. But jace i think your should think about buying the konkave and look into getting that stuff to tighten up the gap. Some guy asked the same question right about you. As for now i think it grinds all the time just because the way you through it. the string just always goes so the starburst side. It has nothing to do with the yoyo because me speeder does it too.

quiet dofer u naughty

I had the starburst problem with my Speeder - It annoyed me so much I went to an X-ConVict. Thought it was going great until I got a Legacy - the gap is almost double that of the Xcon. Now I play so much better with the Legacy than I can with either of those two.

Btw… now that my speeder is broken in, and has a KK, the starburst buzzing doesn’t happen as much.

sweet dude, im going to get a kk eventually, but instead of puting locktite on ur yoyo when the axle gets loose, my grandpa said that putting fingernail polish does the same thing and locktite would allmost be permanant. so i put clear fingernail polish on my axle and now it works fine and feels like its as tight as when it was brand spankin new…so i’d recomend that since its easy and not costly at all…just apply the polish to the axle, screw the yoyo together tight, wipe away exess polish, and let it sit for a wile. like maybe a half an hour. make sure not to get it on the bearing so take it off b4 applying the polish… thanks everyone.