Question on DM modifying

So im sitting here with my Dm apart looking and wondering how kool would it be if I could Sili recess the starburst side so i could have a full silicone respose system on my DM.
Does anybody know anyone who may have do it or has done it themselves?
Im thinking it would be a serious pain to do because you would have to either get a clamp onto a lathe somehow or grinding it by hand which would be risky.
So if anyone has any suggestions hit me back or even a vid would be awesome.

It’s hard if you dont have a drill… it’s also a risky process…experiment with crap yoyos first before modding your main throw. One mistake can cost you a whole yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:


However i would just stick to Silicone one side…

~gorrilla_yo ;D


He would have to sand down the star-burst before he could use that video. Without a lathe, I honestly think that taking on this project is more work than reward. It’s my understanding that it’s very easy to “mess up” when shaving the 'burts, and it’s irreversible.

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Thanks JM LOL i forgot to mention the starbursts…

yeah i watched that duncan mod vid yesterday. You can’t set up th Dm like that, or can you?
Yes i realise that I would have to sand down the starburst thats easy done but irreversable so im going to have a look that the lathe we have at my work and see if it is even possible to hold the DM in the first place before even attempting to start sanding the starburst.

you could, but the axle has to be on the side with the starburst and not to mention the yoyo will be faced inward…put the axle in the drill and use a jewlers screwdriver to recess it…

you could use a drill press, but like JM said more work than reward, and still a risky process.

watch this vid of a drill press rescess:

This way will work also, but buying a drill press is expensive.

if i were you i would just save money and buy a different yoyo, instead of modding your DM.
~gorrilla_yo ;D

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Yeah, doing the recess that way seems very difficult thats why im going have a look at the lathe at my work, and i have just purchased a DV888 (it should be here mid week, also awesome review on the DV88) so i was thinking that i might play around with the DM’s response system while I wait

If your lathe has a 3" chuck then you will be fine. Just be very careful not to take off too much plastic after the starbursts are gone. If you do you might make it so that the string will slip beside the bearing causing you frustration!

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I’ve done it before… on a drill.
Well I’ll tell you, and don’t you dare try doing it, because it’s probably the most ass way to recess a yoyojam

Here we have a crappy drawing using random things to illustrate my point::

Drill screw yoyo

The only way to mount a yoyojam yoyo on a drill is to use a screw through the FRONT of the yoyo. You may be asking yourself::

“Now wait a second… I can’t get my hand in there to do much of anything! The area between the drill and the screw is far too short! I can’t get in there to recess!”

Hmmm… well why don’t we get a longer screw?

-Head to Lowes
-Find a screw the same size but a much longer length
-Mount it on the drill so that you can get your hand in there to recess the yoyo
-Recess it

Or rather, don’t. Having the screw that long means pressing on it will make the yoyo wobble; I was able to do it… but it was a long ordeal and it turned out like crap. I suppose if you were really desperate, you could do it.


i have had an idea of how it would work, but i lack an unused dm so i can’t be sure.

take a drill and hook the normal axle up to it, then you make the rounded nub on the concave side of the yoyo more of a cylinder, then you hook the drill up to that cylinder and recess from front. i don’t have the slightest idea how this will work but in my head the physics seem sound enough. try if you like but proceed at your own risk. and tell me how it works out.

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So it’s begun iv’e sanded down my starburst silky smooth in preperation for the lathe tomorrow. I will post photos of the finished product and hopefully a pic or two of the work in progress.
So fingers crossed that it all works out and if you dont hear anymore on this project it has been a terible failure.

See you all in the funny pages.


The lathe was a complete success, I now have a double siliconed DM.
I will post photos at a later date for all who are interested, in this thread (once i figure out how).
Unfortunatly i was unable to get video of the momentous event so the picutures shall have to safice.

So my once stock DM, now has a KK and the double sided silicone wich can also be double
o-ringed and the play is awsome. I love it.

I sili-recessed my SFHG over the weekend using a drill and jeweler’s screwdriver. It turned out okay but I didint push hard enough and melt some plastic which I had to sand down. I’ll be hitting my DM’s next.

Finally I’ve put up the pictures of my DM after modding it.
Copy and paste the below link to see, Dw its only my myspace page.

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Supa awesome mane!