Silicone recessing a YYJ Dark Magic?

How do i silicone recess a DM?

you would put it on a lathe or drill start it up and get something sharp like a screw driver and slowly cut away

Dark Magics have a deep enough groove for silicone. No recessing needed.

i mean the side with the starburst response

Its very hard if you only have a drill. I heard they are really difficult on lathes too. I’d send to a trusted modder if you really want to do it well.

I have done this mod on my DM its very good, but there is a lot of effort needed if you dont have the right tools.

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With a drill it would be difficult. The starburst would make the screwdriver jump around. On a lathe it would be an easy two cut operation. Chuck the yo-yo in the lathe. Face it to remove the starburst. Cut groove for silicone.