Is it possible to recess YYJ yoyos?

Hey, I have a Dark Magic 1 yoyo and been feeling that it has been a bit too grabby. I tried to sand down the starbursts but now one side is responsive while the other side is not! So recently I’ve been thinking about trying to silicon reccess it. I can’t buy the Dark Magic 2 as no shops here sell it. Can anyone post a guide on how?

Yes it’s very doable, but you will need a lathe or something similar to recess it.

A lathe might be a bit much as I’ve been yoyoing for only a month or 2. Is it doable with a drill or something?

Of course, a lathe would just be for the best results. I believe a dremel would work as well, maybe even better.

But alas, here’s a vid that should help you out for the drill instructions

Thanks for the video, but I dont think you can insert a screw completely through a YYJ yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

You are correct, the drill method will not work on a YYJ because you cant reverse the axle like you can on a Duncan. For a DMv1 you will need a lathe to recess it properly. Your best bet would be to ask one of the modders that has a lathe and see if they can do it for you.

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I’ve seen it done with a super long drill bit. Just throwin’ that out there.

In lieu of recessing it, you could get a pack of the Duncan silicone stickers and put on on. Should work ok w/the o-ring in the other side. they last a very long time. they come in two sizes - 12 and 13.7 mm. For a YYJ large bearing you need the 13.7 mm size.

Lol, oaky I guess I’ll send it to a modder. Know any trusted modders that live in Canada? Preferably Alberta, Calgary.

Not sure if any of these cats are in Canada but here is a good starting point.

LOL, seems like so much work and I feel soo lazy xD I guess I should just buy a new yoyo :stuck_out_tongue: Any recommendations? And anyone know any stores that sell yoyos in Calgary?

Come on, take that leap of faith and mod it or get it modded :smiley:

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Lol, thing is I’m only 13. Don’t think parents are so agreeable on sending a $40 yoyo to a random stranger.

Which is why we have the trade feedback system. They should be seen as highly respected businessmen.

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This might be a really dumb question but… Whats the trade feedback system?

Look to the left of my post. Under “Q” there is a little bolded section that says “Trade Count (X)”.
Click the number and you will see my Trade Feedback.

Oh the stuff with all the comments? Neat! Thanks alot!