these are pics of my recessed duncan freehand, i messed up with the one with the axle but the other one turned out WAY GOOD! Check it out

Needs to be a little closer to the bearing but not too bad.

Cool! I wish i could do that lol. ;D

That’s your first recess?

Dang that’s nice!

yup thats my first recess

Forgot to ask. What did you use to recess it?

one of those jewelers screwdriver, it tells you how to do it.  I did everything he did

You sir have a knack for modding if that was your first. Well done. Just remember that you only want a small amount of plastic between the bearing seat and the sili recess. Keeps the yoyo from having sloppy binds and string slippage problems.

oh, thanks ill keep that in mind since it was my first i didnt really have a direction of how to do it, but thank!

First I’d like to say that looks GREAT!!! Well done. The other is how hard is it to recess the Freehand? I just picked one up and I’m not the biggest fan of the friction sticker. Sorry, I know this is an old post.

ok thanks for complimenting! i have done many other recessed and they turned out alot better than this one. in my opinion its not hard if you have all of the equipment, id suggest when you spin it on a drill put something ovet the axle so it wont strip and when your cutting into it, it makes it easier if you have some sort of rest to put your cutting tool on when you recess., Hope it helps!

Thanks for the info, I’ll keep it in mind when I recess mine ;D

woah…very excellent recess. one of the best iv’e seen, infact better and deeper than my recess jobs. All done with a jewlers screwdriver and a drill, Impresive skill ;D


Okay, I want to recess my Throw Monkey, but I can’t stick the axle into the opposite side. (Because of the screw thread thing.) So how would you do it? Buy a thinner axle, or would you have another way?

I have a question. How do you keep the drill steady when you’r modding it?

i clamp it to a table

, well ive never had a throw monkey. are the caps removable? and if they are, does it look like a free hand? if it does you need to take off the black cap things that allow the nut thing to pop out, if to doesent i would recommend threading the axle into to and pushing the axle so it will pop off. once you’ve popped it out then stick the axle threw and inner side of half the yoyo. I dont really see what you mean by the axle wont fit threw it. SORRY this is long. If you have no clue what im talking about, just pm me and ill get pictures.

i’ve used a vise and i’ve clamped it to a table.