recess DM

Ok, so title mainly says it. I cant seem to find a way to grip the yoyo. I dont have the lathe with a big enough chuck to fit the whole yoyo. I also cant seem to fit the hub part on the drill? Anyone got any ideas? ???

either pay someone or get a drill press and do it that way.

thats not the only way.  If the bolt it on the other side with a reccess is all ready done you can cut in the nipple and put the screw in there.  Or you can try this i was going to do this lather but what it is is a lathe chuck that can go in a hand drill.

1.get a circle piece of wood and drill a whole through the middle and put this kind of screw its like normal nut but has these nail like things on the side(the ones ikea uses) and nail it in the whole

2.then take a long bolt that will fit in the drill and the nut you nailed in the wood.

3.after that get 4 90 degree brackets/or plexi glass and bend it  and screw them in a square but make sure there equal distance apart

4.finish off by putting screws and nut through the brackets with a nut or if you use plexi glass you dont really need to do this its up to you

5.put hot glue at the of the nut(not shown on the pic) so it wont scratch the yoyo

Good luck with that.

You’re still going to need a micrometer to get the yo-yo centered. Using that thing will induce all kinds of problems. If you really want a dual siliconed Dark Magic I would recommend getting it done the right way. I would not recommend doing in a way that is more than likely to screw up your yo-yo.

buy another darkmagic ;D

There are mainly only two ways to do this procedure sucessfully the way I see it.
Firstly, and the more expensive way is you can buy a second DM and take out the axle and end up with two yoyos one with a dual starburst and the other with a dual recess once you take out the o-rings.
Secondly,find someone who has access to lathe big enough to accomadate the DM, sand down the starburst side until it’s smooth and then and copy the recess side onto the starburst side exactly.
Other ways can be detramental (im not sure if thats spelt right) to the yoyo mainly because there not very exact.

The drill-press method works. I’ve even been able to recess a throwmonkey to fit YoYoJam o-rings. As long as the person knows what they are doing it’s a good method.

But he doesn’t. Thats why he is asking.