how would i go about making my DM dual silicon?

i hate hybrid, how would i go about making it dual silicon?
maybe a tut?

You have to cut the starburst out, then recess that side of the yoyo, usually done on a lathe.

I would suggest sending it to someone if your not skilled in mods like that… I know I would.
But you could always do what I did with my Kick Side, But another DM (You should be able to get one pretty cheap off the BST’s) and put the two O-ring sides together, remove the o-rings, replace with silicone and there ya go… I know, it’s more expensive then sending it to someone would be, but it does work just as well ;D

Oh the other option is to take the axle out but put both halves together and throw it at the wall with the yoyo at precisely a 52 degree angle. It has to be a black and white camo wall. Has to have the string wrapped around the bearing like normal and attached to your finger. All goes well, you’ll have a siliconed starburst half.

You can just sand the starburst off. Make sure to keep it flat, though. And you’ll want to keep the gap shut tight.

Man, Haw did I forget about that method?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I did it, its not to hard if you have access to a lathe big enough for the DM, but the easiest way to do it is to just buy another DM.
Check out the thread I made about modding my DM, there is lots of helpful suggestions on there.

good luck.

I can do it.

Oh yeah I forgot to say that paying someone else to mod your DM is a great way to do it as well. Here is a list of guys that could help you with the mod:,5371.0.html

you might be able to use a drill press to do that.