Dark Magic adjustment

would i need to get spacers to adjust the dark magic gap or is there another way? probably won’t mess with it for a while but i would like to know.

You could just use its adjustable gap. However, adjustable gaps grew a pain to me, so I put in YYJ shims. If you plan to put in shims, use 1 red, and 1 gray, or 2 reds. Its a wonderful gap width at that point. I personally use 1 red, and 1 gray :wink:

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well if you have a “fresh” DM than you should have a really good adjustable gap. just unscrew it a bit to adjust it to your liking. how ever after a wile you will eventually grind down that screw in there so it will not stay as well as it use to. to fix this you can use shims or you can use thread locker red on it or locktite.

YYJ thin gray shims http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16217&cat=0&page=1
YYJ thick red shims http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16218&cat=0&page=1

for lock tite or threadlocker red just go to your local automotive store and ask if they have any.


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Yeah, but dont use threadlocker red. It is too strong, so the only way you will get your yoyo apart again is by breaking it. Get threadlcoker blue :slight_smile:

are you talking about putting a red and a gray on each side???

You put it in the bearing seat, and it widens the gap.