DM adjustable gap


I have had my DM for a couple of months now, and I am noticing that when adjusting my gap the yo yo is very loose. I tighten it, and then back it off 1/4 to 1/2 a turn for the gap that I like, but now, it barely stays at the width I want. I am thinking about shimming it to give a wider “fixed” gap. Has anyone done this with their DM? How does it play? I can’t imagine there’s much of a difference, just looking to see if anyone had a similar issue, or experience.

Also, I’m thinking about just going to the hardware store for washers, I’m not goint to pay $5 plus S&H for a pair of washers :o Am I looking for a washer that is the size of ONLY the inner collar of the bearing? Any help is appreciated.


Well, i had the same Problem with my DM, but I just bought some LockTite Threadlocker Blue, and I put it on the axle, adjusted my gap, and just didnt open it for 24 Hours, and that helped a lot.


Dose LockTite make your yoyo not come apart anymore? or dose it just make it a bit snugger?


Red works too much, so its hard to come out

Blue makes it so it isnt loose, but It can come back out


Did you read the other thread where the guy used clear nail polish? Sounds like an awesome trick to me.


OK, i had this exact same problem. everyone is going to tell u to use locktite on it, but in fact fingernail polish does the exact same thing. just take off the bearing and set it aside, then apply the CLEAR fingernail polish to the axle. coat it well. then screw the yo yo back together. wipe away the exes polish that will come out of the middle once its screwed tight with a cutip. let it dry for at least a half an hour. but eventually it will become loose again, so just repeat the process. this is inexpensive, and it takes barely any time. hope this helps!