DM adjustable gap

The adjustable gap on my DM is sort of worn out. It doesn’t stay in the gap setting I set it before I throw, unless I use the tightest gap setting. What should I do?

Well, you could get some loctite thread lock, or maybe some teflon plumbers tape to put on the axle. That will tighten it up.

Loctite green or blue is probably the best for yoyos. Get it at the hardware store or auto parts store. Teflon tape at the hardware store.

New axle or loctite

A new axle likely won’t fix it. The axle is steel and most likely not worn, but the threaded brass inserts most probably are.

My axle is fine, there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is the adjustable gap doesn’t stay where I set it. It’s loose, unless I play one the tightest gap setting. Would some shims help?

Loctite or teflon tape is the answer.