I need some advice about my DM.....

Like the title said, I’m not sure how to solve a problem.
**If you wanna skip all this, just please read the last two paragraphs. Thanks

When I got my DM in the mail way back when. It had the adjustable gap. It was great; I was always adjusting it whenever something goes wrong.

Then I got my thin lube in the mail a few weeks later. I was excited and immediately applied some to my DM’s bearings. After I screwed the halves together, I noticed something went drastically wrong. The adjustable gap wasn’t working. It kept unscrewing unless I tightened the gap all the way.

So, being that I wanted a wider gap, I ordered some Red shims. I got them in the mail a few days ago along with my Synergy Caps. I put on the shims, and the DM played like a dream. It became more unresponsive and spun longer.

Then came today. I woke up and started playing with my DM, like always. I got a knot on the axle, so I went ahead and tried to remove it with my paperclip. That didn’t seem to work, so I unscrewed it, and removed the knot. But here’s where the problem began. When I screwed the halves together, a shim fell off the bearing seat and was crushed in between the axle and the bearings. The shim was bent and stuck on the bearings. I quickly unscrewed the DM and took off the shim. I placed it back on the bearing seat and screwed the halves together. But when I did, the adjustable gaps worked again!

So here’s my conundrum: Should I be worried that all this happened to my DM? Ever since this incident, I feel that the yo-yo doesn’t seem to be spinning as long as I would want it. It also seems to wobble a tiny bit more than it used to before. Thanks for any advice.


As long as you fixed the problem, it should be fine.

If it happens again, try buying new shims.


Okay. I’ll leave it alone for now.

It’s not the shims I’m worried about, though. The thing that bugs me is that the adjustable gap just…worked again. I’ll examine the bearings and the seat more.

Any other advice, comments, suggestions, etc.?

I know what you mean. If you tighten the yoyo halves back together and they aren’t tight enough, you get a wobble/vibe. If this is happening on an adjustable gap and you’re sure it was tightened properly (not too much, not too little), you might want to check your axle and make sure that it’s not lose or anything. If it seems to be playing fine now, however, I’d say just apply a drop of loctite and play like normal.

I’m not sure exactly, but this happened to me and a metal shim before. One possible reason is that the shim crushed the bearing seat, so that some parts are crushed, while the other parts have grown slightly. I really can’t explain it well, but the bearing seat probably got larger at one point, so its tighter. This happened to my DM, and its squeaky whenever I screw it in. Because of the bearing seat’s plastic sticking out. As long as its still playing properly, it should be fine. Don’t worry until it gets responsive and stops working.

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Same thing happened to me, but what I initially thought was the normal adjustable gap was in fact a crack in one of the yo-yo halves.
Take off your Caps and inspect the bowl for cracks. Open the yo-yo and check the bearing seat.
Better to find out now then to get a nasty bind and hurt yourself.

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Okay, I examined the bearings, the bearing seat, and each half, but I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. I also took some pictures:


The last one is the shim that was crushed. The dark spots are where it was stuck between the bearings and axle.

Thanks for all the advice! :slight_smile:


Is that shiney part on the lower part of the hole somewhat sticking out? Thats probably what is making the yoyo screw tighter. Not too sure though, wait for someone else’s advice.