Locktite on axel? How to tune / tighten axel?

OK I’m new to these modern Yo’s I have a question. I just got a DM2 yesterday. Today I noticed a little vibration, so I took it apart. I noticed the axel seemed loose. Then I saw there was a hex hole in the end of the axel so I tightened it up. I was wondering if I sould put I drop of locktite on it so it wouldn’t loosen up again?

Would that throw off balance or anything?

What else do I need to know about my new toy? As far a keeping it from vibrating so keeping it working great?

You could put some locktite on there but I’ve not seen a need w/the DM2. Just snug it up a little. The only reason to use locktite is if the yoyo tends to spin apart. The DM2 is a good product, smooth. Most of the new YYJ models feel smoother than the older models due to the new axle design. Not saying the older models are not BTW. I’ve never seen a need to tune one. Don’t know that you can.

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Thanks! I did snug it up it seems fine.