starting out with a Dark Magic

hey i have been yo-ing now for a while now with a Yomega saber raider and have really loved it but now im upgrading to a Dark Magic and was wondering if getting a set of spacers to open up the gap is worth while

yomegas don’t have much of a gap at all. And are you familiar with unresponsive yoyos? You’ll need to learn how to bind if you haven’t. You’ll notice a huuuuge difference between the two. Some people can get 5 minute sleep times out of a dark magic, which is unheard of with a yomega. But yeah, I think you’ll be comfortable with the gap on the dark magic, but it’s your call. The main reason for a big gap is for string tricks where the yoyo has to have the string “crossing under” the yoyo like 5 and six times (which is tough with a yomega), or for going “double on” or “triple on”. If you are interested in making the gap wider, I would at least wait until you get the dark magic and try it out before you buy them.

You really shouldn’t be crtisizing Yomegas like that. By chance, have you heard of a Hotshot, or a maverick?

All great yoyos, all from Yomega.

Sory if this offended you, but I’m just pointing it out…

Anyways, I reccomend maybe a KickSide or Lyn-Fury to start with. Go for the DM if you think you’re ready though!

yeah im really into sting trick play atm, so thats why i went for the Dark Magic i can get my saber to sleep for a 2-3 mins on a good throw, and its responseiveness varies between good and unresponsive so ive learned to bind, im startiing to do some of the advanced tricks on here
thanks for the advice and i will wait to see how the play is with the Dark Magic b4 i go upgrading it

Saber Raider is a looping yoyo. The Dark Magic will be a COMPLETELY different throw for you, and much better for string tricks. Plus, you probably won’t need a set of shims for your DM because after breaking in the bearing it won’t be tug responsive. Some people like obnoxiously gigantic gaps though, but I prefer smaller gaps and that’s just me. YYJ is releasing their yoyos with cleaned bearings now so they will probably be very very unresponsive out of the box, so I suggest you play with a plastic YYJ like the Lyn until you learn how to bind properly and well. And until you can perfect your throw. The amount of time you can get out of one sleeper doesn’t determine how good the yoyo is though, because the play you get out of the yoyo is amount of play you put into it.

Btw, if 5min is the max amount of time you have heard out of a Dark Magic… lol. People need to stop timing their yoyos and start playing them, and playing them well.

No, saber raider is a string trick yoyo. It is not that good for looping.
Anyway, back to topic…
i feel that you do not need shims at the moment, since you are just beginning to yoyo, but if you have strong binds, why not?

I have binding down pat, so i think that the DM will be good for where i think im at if not i im just going to have to get used to the play of it. Just for the record i wasnt judging the performance of my yoyo on its sleep time it was just fact that i can. I love the play of my saber raider and was simply looking for an upgrade to enhance my play range.

do u put shims on with or without the spacers?

Shims are a variant of spacers, more or less. You won’t have both of them on at once.

To the original post, you don’t need shims with the Dark Magic. It has an adjustable gap, so you can make it decently wide.

you can use both at the same time. one shim, one spacer.

Ah I was really tired and I was thinking of the Hyper Raider, sorry. Still, it’ll be a very different throw.

Lol, hey your just like me i started out with a saber raider (kinda but my first yoyo was a mosquito) then i up’ed into a dm and still playing with it. Anyways i would recommend going to a lyn or a kickside just to practice but if you feel you want to learn some advanced tricks right after binding then go for the dm.

yeah ive managed to get all the intermediate tricks and some of the initial advanced tricks down really well with the saber raider and have been hearing about how well the DM perform that ive decided to give it a go, cheers for all the advice guys, btw does anyone here know of any fellow australians???