Hey, pretty new yoyoer with a Dark Magic question.

I am relatively new to yoyoing like I am just starting to learn trapeze and string tricks past that. But I am using a Yomega Power Brain XP Wing with smart switch. I let some kid at school try it and he broke the switch so it is stuck on clutch. So I need a new yoyo.
I was looking at Samad’s comprehensive yoyo guide

I guess I am under the “Good throw, what’s next” category. He recommends a kickside, a lyn fury, a journey, or a velocity.
Now my question. Would my learning of 1A yoyoing be slowed down at all if I bought a Dark Magic rather than any of his suggestions? I like the look of a dark magic and don’t really have the money to upgrade to one when I am actually good enough. Thanks for your suggestions.

You can start with the Dark Magic. It’ll be just a tiny bit harder, but it is still very possible. Get some thick lube if you want to make it responsive.

Also, you could go with one of those plastic yoyos. They can take you just as far.

What part of the switch is broken? It might just be misaligned somewhere.

I started with a DM i bought that slick 6 strings and THIN lub and it was fine learnt bind in one day and from then on its been a very good throw i dont see any harm in starting with it tbh.

I have located the problem in my Yomega and one of the pegs that pulls one half of the teeth/clutch back is snapped off.
Thanks for the advice though. I will be buying a Dark Magic then. Just gotta decide on color :stuck_out_tongue:

getting DM instead will not slow you down , just it is unresponsive yo-yo and require bind …or you can apply thick lube on it instead

Haha lime green if i had waited i woulda gotten one. dark magic is a great choice i learned to bind on it and i split the atom on this yoyo for the first time. now it has shims on it and i still love it!!!

No one here has given you a bit of bad advice, don’t get me wrong, but let me throw another angle at you.

Go ahead and pick up the DM. Skip the thick lube. Get some string and thin lube if you need to.

Spend a day, with a clear mind, and watch Andre’s binding video. Learn binding. You’ll pick it up in no time, just stick with it for a day. Then you might consider (personally, I can’t stress this enough) learning a non-wind start technique. Hand starts, snap starts, something. You’ll thank me later.

I’m a new thrower myself. I got the YYJ Journey because I thought unresponsive play was too hard for me. But let me tell you: binding really isn’t that hard, and I’m not exactly a yo-yo prodigy!
I quickly outgrew my Journey and picked up a (lime green :wink: ) Dark Magic. I really love it. It’s made my learning so much faster. It’s stable and heavy.
All the tricks I had problems with when using my Journey, I could do on the Dark Magic. And after getting them down on the DM, I could go back to the Journey and do them…
It’s much easier to learn with a heavy, stable yo-yo if you ask me.

Again… Binding is not hard at all. Don’t let binding scare you away from the better metal rimmed/all metal yo-yos!

I’ve been playing for two weeks by the way.

Edit: Oh! And if you have problems doing the forward bind, you could just do a bind from a braintwister-mount. I just tested this theory on a coworker who has never played an unresponsive yo-yo in his life, and he got it down in a couple of minutes.

yes, it will increase the time it takes to learn the tricks because of binding. but that should only take a week if your persistent so go ahead.  buy some lube (thick for returns with tug) (thin for binds) i moved from saber craider to dm