Dark Magic

Ok i want a dark magic but i’m hearing about once the starbust wears off there no way of replacing it. What happens then?

I also heard there noisy,is it true?

And another What is a hybrid response system? I’v read its a mixture of response system but what does that mean?

Edited:Ok just checked out Speeder looks awsome but i’ve been watching André Boulay with the dark magic and it resonds to him when he tugs,will the speeder do the same ?

Edited: Sorry for so many edit’s but didnt want to waste a thread…

But My prefrence is i want a long sleeping yoyo,Not light in weight nor to heavy.Id like a good sized gap to do string tricks easy.

Hope that helps and will you guys please answer all the questions if you couldn and I want you guys to pick a yoyo for me and i’ll count the poll at the end and pick the yoyo wwih the most vites …thank you

Ok I have a Dark Magic and I think anyone will tell you that it’s better than a speeder it us a little loud bug not ear piercing and the starburst doesn’t wear off unless you play for like a year straight… And unless your gonna worry about silicone-recessing it you shouldn’t worry about the hybrid… But it you will like it!

It’s a little hard to pick a yo-yo out for someone, but if you’re set on getting a Dark Magic or Speeder, here are a few answers:

There is no way of replacing a starburst, but it takes quite a long time for them to wear down, so that’s nothing you’ll need to fret over unless (as PHAZZE said) you play with one non-stop for a very long period of time. My Spinfaktor HG, a yo-yo I’ve had for three years and has seen a lot of use, still has its starburst pattern.

A hybrid response system is one that combines two types of response. For instance, the Speeder has a starburst on one side and an o-ring on the other. Whether it’s better or not depends entirely on personal preference.

And on that topic- don’t worry too much about the gap on a Yoyojam product. You can twist-adjust the gap for a while. Once that’s worn in a bit, you can use cardboard shims that are inserted between the bearing and the wall of the yo-yo.

The Speeder is much thinner than a Dark Magic and (please correct me if I’m wrong, yo-yo folks) is made more for fast play, as well as tricks in which you need to sling a yo-yo through small spaces, like tricks with lots of kinks in the string. As to whether one or the other will come up with a tug, that all depends on how you set the gap.

If I were you, given a choice between the two, I’d go with the Speeder. It’ll help your trick accuracy because of the smaller size, and with a little breaking in and tweaking, it’ll play beautifully. But that’s just me. Either one of these yo-yos will serve your purposes quite well.

You seem like a well educated player. My lynn fury after i tighten all the way,i untwist it once or twice and when i go to play it quickly dies so i have to tightend all the way again.

On another note, Can you put spacers between the speeder so this way i could learn the trick,then take the spacers out and perfect it!

EDITED: i know some people make fun of yoyoin begginners for putting a konkave bearing in there yoyo.why is that and should I? I heard it lets the string sat in the middle so it doesnt touch the side,that sounds perfect!

1: Learning trick with out without the spacers doesnt really make any difference
2: Yes, KK bearing doesnt realy suit for beginner for its cost …KK bearing do cause the string not to be touching the side …and yeah, it great …hmm, that actually does not improve your play…but the KK just let you to perform more string tricks and combo more easily …i would actually to perfect my string trick and make the string not to touch the side myself …

btw, 2008 5a World contest winner, …(forgot the name) used lyn fury

The tug responsiveness of Andre’s dark is due to the thick lube he probably placed in there to teach beginner and intermediate levels. If you want tug responsiveness, get some thick lube with the dark magic. Also, the Dark Magic is on the heavy side. If you want one that’s in between heavy and light, I would look into the Hitman.

Weight (g) 70.60 grams is equivalent to only 1/4 of a cup lol

Generally the majority of yoyos are in between 63 grams and 73 grams, and generally 66 grams is thought of as a pretty good spot for the weight of a yoyo. I’ve played yoyos that are only a gram of difference, and you can tell when you’re swinging the yoyo around. So yeah it is pretty heavy.

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happened to come across a funny phenomenon the other day in science… I held my DM in one hand and my friends Mini Motu in the other… The Motu felt heavier!!! I asked a couple people to compare too and they all saidit felt heavier as well… I askedmy teacher to let us use his tripple beam balance scale to weigh them to make sure we weren’t crazy… The DM weighd more! It all comes down to weight ditribution throughout the yoyo!

Ps. My DM doesn’t feel as heavy as it is. that was my point :wink:

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