Speeder/Dark Magic Reviews

(Mark) #1

What are your reviews on the Speeder or if you use the Dark Magic, what are your reviews on that yoyo? Possibly, what are your reviews on both?


Dark Magic:

Description: (Provided by YoYoNation):
The Dark Magic yoyo is André Boulay’s signature YoYoJam yoyo. Not only has he used it well in many competitions, André has innovated a whole new style of tricks with the distinct shape of this yoyo. The yoyo is extremely wide so it makes string tricks a breeze. More importantly, removing one of the caps reveals the inner rim enabling you to perform André’s style of thumb grinds. Uses the Hybrid response system (one yo-ring half, one starburst half).

This yoyo is so great out of the package that even André plays with the yoyo stock!

Specifications: (Provided by YoYoNation):
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 70.60
Width (mm) 41.31
Diameter (mm) 56.34
Gap Width (mm) 3.40
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Adjustable
Stock Response System YYJ Hybrid

Out Of the Box: Looked really good. When I got it, I took out the caps, and did nothing else. At first, it was too responsive, but after an hour, it became unresponsive enough to do grinds which are very good with this yoyo, but I’ll get to that later., and other things, but it was still really responsive. It slept for about 2 minutes too, and was wide, so it was easy to preform tricks.

Playability: One word: Amazing! Unless your throw is funky, the yoyo doesn’t vibrate, or wobble, at all. Most likely, it will not die during tricks. Because of its width, it is really easy to do a lot of tricks. In fact, the day I got it, I learned Kamikaze! The weight is really focused to the rims, resulting in long spin time, and the shape is unique, yet comfortable in the hand. Also, the hybrid response is really great; it can be responsive and unresponsive too. In addition, the Hybrid Response is great for suicides, and lacerations.

Size: This was one of the things about the Dark Magic that surprised me. Not in a bad way, because its size is one of its attributes that contributes to the success of it. However, compared to other Ia yoyos, it is noticeably large, but the weight wasnt an issue with me. You will get used to the size eventually. It is slightly wider and larger then the kickside, but smaller then the Journey.

Grinds: When grinding, it feels like a cool gentle breeze on my arm. Honestly. It will spin on my arm, then, it will have more spin left afterward. I was never good at grinding, but now i can manipulate grinds as I wish, and pull of stunning grinds! The flat rims dont only prove good for snap starts, but also add greatness to grinding,

Thumb Grinds: I was also never good at these, but the Dark Magic took this to a whole new level. It was made for them, and the way Andre designed it, was with 2 grooves, inner, and outer. The inner was made for more control, and progressed slower as it rotated. The outer ridge, progressed faster, however, took less spin time, whereas, the inner takes a lot of spin time.


Really great yoyo! Thx YoYoJam, and Andre!!!

All finished! Once again, a must have yoyo!!!

(Mark) #3

Anyone up to review the Speeder? Thank you Samad for that review.

(Raphael) #4

okay i will not write a really really long review on the speeder, but the speeder should deserve that!
it is a great yoyo, it fits right it your hand and it feels just right, its pretty light wieght for me and the responsiveness is almost always unresponsive,(with thin lube and 6 ply string.) i personly have never tried the DM but i know the speeder is good for any serious yoyoer that likes speed and impressing the crowd

… but the gap size is a little to small but i can get a gyro done pretty easily,
the spin times are also great and it is very easy to learn with, and can play very well in yyj synergy caps
hope this helps


(Mark) #5

Thank you. Really? The gap is small? Oh wow. Yeah. Im looking to get the Speeder now and hopefully I can get the Dark Magic along the way.


samad, you’re on yoyonation too right?


i love my dark magic, but it plays better since i modded the response with flowable silicone. couldn’t ask for any better but i could use a set of spacers. don’t care for the adjustable gap much.

(Mark) #8

How did you do that? Im interested.


i only put flowable where the existing o-ring is. i left the starburst like it was. increased spin time and performance dramatically.

(Mark) #10

I will have to try that some time. Thanks



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