Which yo-yo is better? PLEASE comment!


I’m having a hard time deciding between Dark magic II and Fever.


dmII. only because the fever is a sig series for a pro. meaning it plays at it’s best when you play like vooper


Dark Magic II is Andre’s sig. Go for which ever you like or think looks better.


right now i want that fever with purple anodized rims


Thanks guys I’ll go with the D.M. II because it seems way more popular ;D ;D ;D


might i add you should spend the extra 5 bucks and get the special edition with black anodized rims


mine looks mean lol


I’m getting the special edition definitely :slight_smile: ;D


There are black rims now?.. I woulda got the royal gold rims a while back


It is only more popular because the dm2 is André’s sig and it is way older.


One is not better then the other, there are going too be upsides and down sides too both designs, and what you consider an upside or down side will likly be differnt then what other people do. So choose and make the judgement call your self.


I just got the black spade dm2 and the paint started wearing off the caps after just a few days, I don’t care, I just took the caps off but if you are into appearance you may want to consider that. Also I hate the solid spin axle system it just makes it hard to take apart to fix a snag. I just ordered a ct bearing for it to try to make it play more like I want it to.

It Just doesn’t compare to my northstar or protostar and they are cheaper. I will certainly think twice about another yyj but that’s just me. I really like the look of the black and red and figured I had to see what all the hype was about but I just don’t get it. After the bearing I will have almost $60 in it and have $35 dollar and under yoyos that I think play better out of the box.

Oh well its all preference but that’s my 2 cents.


Oops, thanked you.
How does the solid spin axle make the yoyo hard to take apart? All of my solid spin yoyos are pretty easy.


Axle spins in all the way so there is no spot for it to sit in to kind of self center. I can see noobs crossthreading this easily. Also I tend to spin the halves apart too fast and drop one but that just user error and me not being used to it.

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All about Preference.


Without knowing your preferences, wants/needs, features you’re looking for and how you play, it’s pointless to even post such messages. It IS all about preferences. Sorry, I’m getting jaded. Also, I’m kinda into a phase where I get a bit tired of people who don’t really take the effort to help to those trying to provide help. Efficiency. I get crabby like this once in a while.

Having said that, I don’t know anything about the Fever and the DM2 is my favorite yoyo.

There. Get a Dark Magic II and enjoy. Enough said.


with that I will always post very thorough Q’s and I’m looking for long spin time, not woblly, comfortable to hold, and something that I’ll be able to take anywhere and do anything with. 8)


The dm2 is a great yoyo. It will handle almost everything you throw at it.


Both are going too be all those things, you can almost assume any yoyo made in recent years will have all those attributes.
Comfortable too hold is personal. I may find it great you may hate how it feels. could hit you wrong, or just simply feel wrong. in your hand.
Something too take anywhere and do anything is not something just about any yoyo can do. take it anywhere is all on you, I take yoyos anywhere no matter what they cost me, or how rare they are. As for doing anything, well, no yoyo is good at every style of play.


Ok being even more specific: one good at regular tricks that I can do advanced tricks like plastic whip and matrix and boing-e-boing