For all you DM lovers...

I have a question for you… IF there were to be a DM3 :o , what features would you want it to have. Would you want alot changes, minor tweaks or just no DM3 in the first place?

 What I would like is this: The only thing I really didn't like about the DM1 was the adjustable gap, you always have to test, then fix, then test again if it wasn't right, fix again, then test... until you get it to the degree of "responsiveness" you want. So what I would want is, the same stats as the DM1 (hybrid response,70g etc) minus the adjustable gap, so (as they did with the DM2) they would just send it with 2 bearings instead. So what would you want to change?

I personally love the DM2 as it is but I think they should do this: 68 grams, because some people like the new weight others like the old. They should add more metal on the rims. They should keep the thin and speed bearing, because I love that but I think the thin bearing is a little too thin personally. They should definately keep the silicone response, but should also send some o-rings with it because most beginners can’t silicone it and probably won’t buy a new yoyo for a while. I personally say keep the DM2, but for the community switch it up a tad.

IMO, if there was any more metal, it just wouldn’t be a Dark Magic.

I’d say leave the original alone, it was my first uinresponsive yoyo, and it killed me to give it up.

Also, change the name of the thread please.

Love means you wouldn’t change a thing.
You love the imperfections along with the good.

Just me though.

my first unresponsive yoyo also.

I actually really like the DM more than the DM2. What I really didn’t like about it was the gap. A gap that big on that shape of a yoyo just didn’t work for me at all. If there is a DM3, I’d hope they either decrease the gap size, or make the hub sharper or something. Like on a Rockstar, where it’s just bearing, pad, then it tappers off.

Dual-o DM1. Enyo.


The DM1 in prettier colors xD. Well it really isnt up to us, its a signature series so its made to how Andre likes it.

All metal version new caps more grinding area ;D

That is the trinity. Nobody talks about that yoyo, just a basic dark magic but metal and no caps.

I liked my dark magic way more than my dark magic 2, I ended up trading the version2 and kept my dark magic.

I say just do a run of the old dark magics, I definitly want more. Can’t get enough of my first unresponsive yoyo but I just don’t want the second version.

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Exactly! I wanted to say that but i was not sure.

And Necro!By mooski95

thanks for the info the dm1 was my first unresponsive throw too i agree the dm1 is better then the dm2 in my opinion

Man this thread is like swamp thing, old, mossy, slugged, and a pile of goo that pulls itself out of the swamp ever now and again. anyway. Glad you like your yoyos. Have fun! I have lots of one drops but have never thrown a dm or dm2. I might pick one up just for the heck of it since no one I know has one. They all own yyf’s. I feel like I’m missing out on history or something.

All steel.

One of my firsts, one of my faves. What to change…

Lower sidewalls. Nothing major, just a little.

No caps, but put graphics around the solid spin axle in that low area. No stickers!

Make the IRG lip a tiny bit bigger. In fact make the rims hold the weight that is lost by not having caps.

Solid AND translucent colors, plus maybe swirl colorways. Or a pattern like on the Harlequin diabolo I am considering getting.

Remake the oldest run, that is still my favorite yoyo. Only thing I would change is fix the cracking problem.



Agreed. Maybe make the plastic IRG actually have a lip so its easyer to pull off.

I like that idea.

Maybe also it could be Celcon and Aluminum, not Polycarbonate and Aluminum.

That would be an extremely heavy yo-yo.

That’s what I was thinking. Or delrin.

Delrin would make it tons more expensive for no real performance gain.

I don’t think making it delrin/aluminum would be a smart move anyways. Isn’t delrin more dense than polycarbonate? That would mean the weight distribution would end up being changed.