Dark Magic |||

If there was going to be a DM 3. What would you want to add or get rid of. From the DM 2.

Addition, We are talking about things that would improve the DM2. Not adding lots of different materials, and changing the shape so much that it does not look like a REAL DM.(it’s shape and material is historical) A little change in shape is ok but no titanium(of course that would be nice) or other serious material change. Thanks -Bcmaddog-

Smaller highwall inside(not much, just a little) and make the IRG ridge on the inside a bit more dramatic to make it easier to hook into.

add some weight, make it a tiny bit smaller.

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I agree with both of these, and make the plastic part in GEM colors. would be pretty beast.

Yup, this is about it for me, too.

Mr. Yoyoguy – They HAD Gem-like colours. :slight_smile: I tried to order one in the blue or orange, but apparently it was a previous run. The blue I ended up getting is darker than was pictured and while translucent isn’t quite as clear as I was hoping for.

But yeah, definitely nice see-through colours.

Lighter, lowerwall, and a new side cap design.

Not much if anything. I like it the way it is.

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hmmm, no side caps, so more appealing design under the caps, or just make the caps smaller and closer the the bearing, so there would be plenty of room to thumb grind. and yeah better grindable area, and more angled side rims lol but i do love the yoyo

I second this ^ It only needed gold caps and gold rims. Now it has that, and it’s absolutely perfect. ;D

a little more weight, IRG ridge larger, and slightly wider. The highwall could be smaller, but not much.

I think maybe some new response and different cap design.

More of a rounded edge?

Is that a Blue/Gold or a Black/Gold? I have a Blue/Gold one.

A low wall is all it needs.

I tried on not my favorite they might need the longer metal rims and less plastic for better grinds in my thinking.

basically an x convict?

I want them to bring that thing back. looked sick, never got around to buying it.

I’d want it to be wider, and spin longer.

It needs more weight. Maybe change the aluminium weight rims to brass. That will add *quite some weight.

I dunno about more weight, as a few people have put forward. It’s already 69g! That’s pretty heavy.

I like the weight of the DM2 as it is. I would NOT want to add weight to it.