DM, Hitman or Atmosphere?


Which one do you guys recommend?

Any info regarding how each play would help.


Close your eye’s and pick one. You won’t be disappointed.

(Mitch) #3

Well, I’d take the Hitman or Atmosphere…

I dont like Hyrbid response yoyo’s because I find their a little snaggy…

I’d say break it down…

Hyrbid or Double o-ring/silly…

If you say hybrid, go DM

if you say Double O-ring/silly, pick acording to stats and shape… Just look over the pictures awhile…


Hitman.From personal experience and what my friends tell me.


DM is a bit overrated …and I personally doesn’t like hybrid system …so I will choose Atmosphere~~


dm great for grinds ;D ;D I have one good sleeps regular size bering (for replacements)


I think I will wait on the atmosphere just so I have something to look forward to later on. I am still undecided on the hitman or dm, but I am planning on ordering one on monday. I am leaning more toward the dm because everyone loves it and it seems amazing.


the dark magic is an awesome choice but dont make the mistake that i made and keep the rims shiny with some polish so they dont dull out :wink:


What about a mini mo tu?

(yO!JaYxDsJ) #10

i say go with a DM because ive played with a hitman before and it feels weird playing it

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #11

my dark magic is sooooooo scrached up , and its really noisy


I highly suggest an Atmosphere. It is more advanced than a Dark Magic or Hitman, and it will be much better for learning tricks. Find it here.


Hitman all the way. I have silicone and two thick shims in mine and it keeps up with my dv888. Awsome throw


I like the feel of the atmosphere more, but ive played with a dm alot, so its fine, its just on preference

(Nova) #15

I’ve never thrown the Atmosphere, but I like the Hitman over the DM. ;D LOVE it.

(yO!JaYxDsJ) #16

The Hitman is an undersized yoyo so if you like that then go for it as for the DM is a full sized yoyo and its heavier by a couple of grams. Basically, its preferences. The both have the same response system but i think that the DM is a lot more responsive then the Hitman.


I bought a hitman, siliconed both sides and added red shims and omg! I can’t believe how awesome it plays. I was going to get a dm, but I think I like the dual o-ring/ silicone better than a hybrid.


That is how mine is set up. It is soooooo nice. I’m glad you got it. :smiley: