Hitman or Dark Magic

Hi all.

Im currently using a YYJ Legacy and love it, is smooth, well weighted and a great size. I am looking at upgrading to a metal rimmed YYJ and can’t make a decision. I figure the Dark Magic is a perfect upgrade from the Legacy but I’m not to sure about the Hybrid response. On the other hand i like the dual ring response on the Hitman as well as the width, but am not to sure about the diameter.

Any Sugestions.

Based on what you said, I think you should go with the Hitman. It seems that you would like it more, so I assume you should get it.

So you don’t think i’d have an issue with the diameter, i hear its a fair bit smaller than the Legacy?

Nah, its good to try new things. I’m sure you would adjust :slight_smile:

Thanks Samad.

Since you do have a Legacy, from Andre, there the Dark Magic. Dark Magic is a bit heavy, sleeps really long, is a little big, but worth it, and has perfect looks. It does come in Hybrid, but it can be un-responsive/responsive. All Andre needed was a KonKave bearing to make it un-responsive. Or shims, or change the o-ring to a silicone o-ring. The Hitman does come in two responses. Hybrid, and double o-ring. Double o-ring is a little less responsive, and is a perfect response. You can also change it to silicone. The Hybrid, is responsive, even when broken in. I have a Hybrid Hitman, and it is responsive. The feel of the Hitman is more of a grinding shape, wider, rounder. The shape of the Dark Magic is more of a thumb grind because of the narrow rims at the end. That, too, is a grinding shape. You will love both, so yes, like Samad said, go with the Hitman.

What he said ;D ;D ;D

samad said to try new things, so try the hitman, butif u don’t like it, ur next yoyo u should try the DM.

Please… Watch your Grammar! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would Go with the Hitman if you liked the Silicone,I would Silicone the Dual O- Ring

I think that the x convict would probably be better because jdmade it after the hitman

Or buy an M1