Metal Rimmed

Ok changed my mind about the Speeder.
Now looking at Dark Magic, Black Knight, and Hitman.
Which do you prefer and why. they all fit into my new preferences.

Dark magic!!! It can be responsive and unresponsive just by twisting it. Biginers will love it and experts will love it and i’m SURE you’l love it!!! :slight_smile: “I loved it” And every instructional yoyo vid here is done with it all the way from gravity pull to white budda.
But the hitman is not that bad but I still like the dm.

Dark Magic by far.

I haven’t payed the Black Knight or Hitman yet but I can tell you I’ve gotten two Dark Magics in the last month and another is supposed to be on the way. I want one for everything.

OK i guess i’m getting a DM thnx for the help guys!!

I like all 3 of them really. If I had to rank, though, I would say Hitman is my favorite, then Dark Magic, then Black Knight. I like the Hitman the best because it is slightly undersized, but still not too light or heavy. Since it comes stock with double O-ring response (BK and DM have hybrid), you can silicone it, which is my preferred response It also has a bit of a rounded butterfly shape which fits well with my hand. The Dark Magic is slightly larger and heavier than the Hitman. It also has somewhat of a sharper shape. If you’re more partial to this kind of shape with a little bit of extra weight to it, then the Dark Magic would be a good bet for you. The Black Knight is the heaviest of all 3 of them, and also has a very pronounced, rounded H-shape. The weight and shape definitely make the Black Knight most suitable for 5A.

I guess I can’t say because I don’t have any metal-rim but the HM…but I love it! ;D I recommend it to anybody in need of a cheap yet amazing throw. :wink: But I can’t say that it’s better than any of the other because I wouldn’t know! ::slight_smile:

dont chose the dark magic it goes through strings like nothing it also has bad spin time

You could probably just loosen it to fix both those problems… :-\

I would prefer you do not post something that is your opinion stating like it is a fact. Spin time might be a dirty bearing or throw. Strings depend on play and type.

I bet that you only say that because you think the GM2 is “better”…the DM has good spin time, I bet Andre can EASILY get 6 minutes off his.

Any of those choices will be great.

YoBlaze, I have had neither of these problems with my Dark Magic. While we all have our individual opinions, I thinkg Eli I has some x-factor that is causing those problems.

DM is a supurb throw.

It sounds like you’ve got a dirty bearing. If it’s eating strings like candy, and the spin times aren’t there, the bearing (and bearing seat) should be the first thing you look at.

I have several DMs I’ve picked up over time, and they’re all top quality throws. They have their downsides, but those are purely a matter of opinion.

I don’t care for the “YYJ vibe” all Jams seem to have. I know why it’s there, and it’s rarely ever unbearable, but they’ve all got it to some degree or another. (With the exception of ONE DM I happen to own. It is, for lack of a better word, flawless. Not sure how that happened.) They’re still great players. I don’t care for hybrid response, and would love to see a DM without it at some point, but I still love throwing them.

Do some light maintenance and see if your opinion of them doesn’t improve.

They are all but for me for some reason the Black Knight feels like your throwing a cheeseburger.
That what I call em. lol The speeder is actually an awesome yoyo as well. I’d go with a legacy though! A nice PINK one.

dark magic beacuse it works for beginers and experts i dont hsve one my frand does i used it works well and andre even uses it