which is better a black knight a hitman or dark magic for a 12 year old kid

which is better a black knight a hitman or a dark magic for a 12 year old kid with regular hands. i had a freehand and am looking for a yoyo for intermediate tricks that has long spin times but that is not to big or to small

I’d go with DM (because I don’t have a Hitman).

But personally, if you want long spin, go for something by YYF.

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I agree with Yomaster16 if you want something with a good spin time go with something made by YYF. It’s really up to you on what you like I have a DM and personally hate the hybrid response system. If you want to get a YYJ I say go with the X-ConVict. That is one of my favorite YYJ besides my Eneme! If you have the money get the Dv888 you’ll love it I know i do.

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Out of the three I like the Hitman. But then again, who am I to say what you want? :wink:

Personally, I really like the Dark Magic. Even though its by Yoyojam, it sill has long spin times. It plays really smoothe and it looks nice too. Another reason the Dark Magic is good is, it is good for all skill levels. Me, I started with it as a beginner and im at advance 2 now. It also plays responsive and unresponsive.

Good Luck picking a yoyo!!

that depends on how advanced you are but i would recomend the dm

I cannot beleive you are rating spintimes by companies :-\

If you are 12, with normal hands, and don’t want anything too big or too small, I’d suggest the hitman.

Its a solid player, it has been for years, and it can be as responsive or as unresonsive as you like with a few little tinkers with HOUSEHOLD products. Very little maintence, but I always suggest to get some yoyo jam thin lube.

This stuff is the bomb, and couple with thicker lube makes for a great responsive yoyo thats still got alittle give. And it will last you a long time, ive had my bottle for over a year and I use it often.

Haven’t tried the others but the hitman is it for me. I would say its my perfect yoyo except for grinds. BTW get shims with it and when you get better put them in and shave the orings. Perfection… 8)

Yea, seriously. If you just want spin times get the BK2…if you’re intermediate I say get a Legacy or if you can bind maybe a Black Knight or Dark Magic.

If you Can Bind I would suggest the Hitman with Flowable Silicine in it, its not too small but not as big as the Dark Magic, with my Hitman it has a SPEC bearing and Flowable silicone it can sleep at least 3 1/2 minutes.

definately the dm, thats how i learned all the basic tricks. and with some modding i got hubs, and better paintjob on mine lol

Thats odd.

My Black Knight spins way longer than my old 888, and last time I checked the 888 was made by YYF. Metal-rimmed yoyos have AMAZING rim wieght, hence the metal rims. YYFs obliviously have rim wieght but except for the C22, C13, MVP, and Frantic I don’t think many have mega rim wieght like a YYJ metal ringed throw.

@Collazoch: I am 11 with medium sided hands, and I have no problems with the Black Knight or Dark Magic, which are the largest of your list. It is mainly prefernce. You can have huge hands and like small yoyos, or the opposite. I choose Prefference over Comfort, because you will adjust to whatever you like ever it feels to big or small.

I prefer the Black Knight. I like the rounded rim shape in my hand. At first I hated it because I couldn’t adjust to it from my smaller throws like M1, but it was smooth and I loved the shape so I played with it for a few days and now it feels like holding my moms hand, just so natural.

Yeah. X-convict is better than the DM and Hitman. But… if you get the DM, I’d actually suggest taking out the response ring. Mine works a lot better now and has only hurt me once since then XD

Dm all the way.
Brang me from rock the baby to plan d

That’s not true, It’s preference. A lot of people like the HItman better, like me. Or others may like the DM better.

Get a DM with some thick lube