which is better?

OK, which yoyo do you guys think is better? the Legacy, hitman (hybrid), xconVict, or dark magic? I have heard a lot of things, but i want to know which one to get next! So, just post your opinion! ;D

it depends on what you like…

It depends…

try being more specific:
Which is better for 1A (or 2a, 3a, 4a, or 5a)?
Which is better for speed players?
Which will i like if i already have the legacy?
Which is the best value?

Answer those questions for us to decide.

sorry for being less specific :wink: I do already have a legacy, and i dont really want it for speed tricks. and definately for 1a! I am just concerned about the responce. is dual o ring too responsive in the hitman or xconvict? (I have a speeder and legacy, which are hybrid and silicon!

I agree,answer the questions,but I prefer a dark magic.

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Well it depends.

Each one plays a bit differently.

Legacy: Smooth yoyo, plastic but has a nice grinding surface, silicone so it has a very smooth but tight bind, a bit on the heavy side, Oversized, durable. Probably not the best if you like doing fast tricks. Perfect for smooth combos!

Hybrid Hitman: Also a nice yoyo,plastic with metal rims so grinding is nice, one side starburst one side oring so can be quite grippy at times, average weight,Average size, maybe a tad small, durable but rims can get dinged. Good for fast tricks!

Xconvict: Very smooth yoyo, Plastic with oversized metal rims, large metal rims allow very nice grinds, Double oring so you get smooth binds, average weight, undersized a bit, Durable but rims can get dinged, Good for smooth tricks, handles the string very well

Dark Magic: Plastic with metal rims, Hybrid response so can be a bit grippy at times, a bit on the heavy side, has thumb grind rings, metal rings allow some nice grinds, a bit on the heavy side, oversized, metal rims can get dinged but the yoyo is durable. Not good for faster tricks due to its heaviness. But a nice yoyo for long technical combos and grinds!

So it depends, what do you like?

If you like: A normal sized yoyo that has nice smooth returns amd you want good grinding? dont like heavy yoyos? The vict would be a good choice.

If you like: A yoyo that is normal sized and normal weight, grinds, can come up well maybe even with a tug, dont really do thumb grinds, the Hybrid Hitman would be good.

If you like: A larger yoyo that plays really smooth, can grind, binds very smooth, and are on a budget
the Legacy is a good option (plus it looks amazing!)

If you like: Larger yoyos that come back nice and quick on a bind, heavier side, can grind well and thumb grind. Thats a dark magic.

Out of all those yoyos, my fave is the Xconvict.
Its a very smooth yoyo, and fits my style well.
I set mine up with a cleaned bearing and a thin shim on each side.

Hopefully I helped with what you might want to get. Whatever yoyo you get, have fun with it! You will enjoy em!

Good luck!

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OH sorry! i didnt see the link! I like a bigger size, I like rounded butterfly, I like the hybrid and silicon (havent tried o ring). If modding/maintain means add shims, then yeah. Color doesnt matter too much unless its yellow or pink! I like whips and tricks like skin the gerbil. my price range is 50$ and under. my skill level is advanced to expert (learning master).

It seems to me that the Hybrid Hitman would be good for you. However, look at Josh’s lengthy post and try to decide again. :wink:

that “lengthy post” (lol) helped! I think I will stick to the dual o ring like the hitman, but go with the X conVIct! I was thinking about doing that, i just wanted to get some input! but you guys definately helped!..so, which is better, yyf, or yyj?..oh! suprised you with that question didnt I? …lol

um…I was thinking of the original hitman not the hybrid. I guess my mind was set on the o rings! And I have heard that the hitman can be too responsive!