DM2 vs. hitman pro

I have been looking at my preferred size and shape and it has come down to these 2. Which one do you guys prefer?

What IS your preferred size and shape?

And are both of these Yoyos unresponsive without doing anything to them except changes the bearing to the speed bearing

Butterfly shape and the size is full size or oversized and from 60 to 70 grams

Hitman Pro is undersized.

DM2 is full sized, almost over-sized.

What IS your preferred size?

Both are great, but both are very different from each other. Both are completely unresponsive with the bearing change. Both are long spinning. The Hitman Pro is a grinder for sure with those big metal rims. The DM2 is a grinder as well, but is better on the IRG’s since the rims have lips designed for those kind of grinds.

Your preferences state that the DM2 is where you want to be. 60 to 70 grams is a BIG weight range.

I have a Hitman PRO, and it is a very sturdy and stable throw. It doesn’t play super fast like a Phenomizm, but it is more like a true metal than a DM2 because of the large metal rims. This makes it better at grinding. But you said you prefer full to oversized throws, so maybe DM2 is the way to go.

I have both and the DM takes it. Feels better on tge string. Heavier, longer spin. The only thing the hitman has over the DM2 is grinds. The dm is a pain to finger and thumb grind with. You can take the caps out of either for thumb grinds. The dm is really solid and stable. The hitman feels wobbly on a non perfect throw. Again the spin time for the hitman isnt very good in my opinion. So if I were you I would get the DM2. Actually I would get a gnarwhal or avalanche but with your choices you should go with the dm. Good luck.

I forgot to add that the dm is significantly larger than the hitman and feels better in the hand. The dm2 is a great all around player and imo beats out the hitman signicicantly.

Nearly all yo-yos in this site are butterfly shaped…

By shape, we mean specifics. For example: sharp and angular, slightly rounded, etc.

Also, this was mentioned before, but 60-70 grams is a BIG weight difference in yo-yoing. Again, most yo-yos in this site weight between 60-70 grams…

Well, I think the Dark Magic II fits better in your preferences. By the way, both yo-yos come with a responsive bearing and an unresponsive bearing, so yeah…