Dark Magic II or Hitman PRO?

Hey guys I’m getting one of these for my birthday (which was yesterday, I’m 16) and I can’t really choose one. I mean, the DM2 is capable of a few more things than the HMP, but surely that doesn’t make it better.

My main questions are:
Which one sleeps longer?
How unresponsive can it get?
How responsive can it get?
How does it perform with the KonKave bearing?
Which is easier to learn/practice binds on?
Which is easier to land on the string?
What accesories should I buy for it? (Bearings, string, etc.)

Overall opnions can be included.

Thanks in advance. ;D

dark magic 2 it brings two bearings one thats responsive and the unresponsive so its good for practice

I can only comment on the DM2 as I just got it last week and I love it! It came with a responsive and unresponsive bearing so you can choose which 2 use and switch between them which is super easy. I did switch to a kk bearing and loved it even more. It is just a solid you to learn with and practice with. Then when you get good you can try a higher end throw but you really can’t go wrong with the DM 2.

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You can’t go wrong with either. If you like small and solid yoyos, go for the Hitman Pro, if you like big and floaty, go for the Dark Magic.

Actually, no. The DM2 and the HMP are capable of the exact same tricks. No difference there. (as is the case with virtually any modern yoyo.)

The difference comes in preference. If you want a full-sized, heavier throw, go with the DM2. If you want something under-sized and a bit more maneuverable, go with the HMP.

If you don’t know what you prefer, look at the side profiles of each yoyo and select which one looks more comfortable to you. (this is your best bet if you can’t actually try the yoyos.)

They are both absolutely incredible throws that can out-perform many $100+ metals out there. You can’t really go wrong with either.

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Uhhh… So does the hmp.

The hitman however comes with a ten ball speed bearing which spins longer that the normal eight ball speed bearing (the slim bearing also has this benfit). The hitman is dead smooth, stock. Although I didn’t enjoy the dm2, you might.

They can both be dead unresponsive or tug responsive. Both great for learning binds.

A konkave bearing will make them both a bit more stabel, and increase snags.

Both are easy to land on the string with some practice.

For accesories you might want some, string (100% poly), response pads, and some thin lube.

Hope I helped. :slight_smile:

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Yea the DM is not floaty whatsoever.

So they’re that similar, eh? I’ve heard quite a bit about the DM2, but I would like more information on the Hitman PRO, I have yet to see many videos or reviews on it.

The HMP does not come with a slim bearing. Also, the YYJ Speed bearing do not have 10 balls. In addition, the DM2 also ships with a Speed bearing.

The first run of the Hitman Pro didn’t, the latest run does…

Mine has ten. Guess I was lucky. I will post picks I f you want. ;D

I deshielded my HMP bearing, and it DOES have 10 balls. All YYJ bearings do, I think, except for the responsive ones.

No, my revolution’s only has eight.

I know for a fact both of them come with the two bearings.

How will 100% polyester string react with the slim bearing?
How will 50/50 string react with the speed bearing?

Trying to find a happy medium between tug responsive and dead unresponsive.

With any string the slim bearing will be super responsive. I’m not sure about the 50/50 plus speed bearing though.

Ok DM II and HMP, ive used them both there both great and what ever one you choose will be fine.
String doesnt really do much about how responsive your yoyo is, well to me it doesnt, but if you add lube it will change how responsive your yoyo is.

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