Looking for something similar to DM2, but alot better.

Hey guys. i need help looking for a new yoyo.

i love my Dark Magic 2, but the yoyo has been through tough times and its not in a good condition anymore. i’ve played with this yoyo all the time for the past 9months, so it is the shape that i am most comfortable with. now i am looking for a BETTER but similar metal yoyo.


  1. i like the feel of my DM2
  2. i want something similar to the size of DM2
  3. weight 67+ grams
  4. i do not like the feel of dv888. it feels like a solid rock. (for comparison)
  5. Very stable
  6. Under $150
  7. ~ (Optional) Very strong and grippy Response system. if i have to, i’ll silicone it myself.

i want something that is like a DM2 but BETTER. like, no arguement that the new yoyo is BETTER.
I do not quite understand the term “Floaty” because i have not played with enough yoyos.

i was thinking of a Supernova or Genesis. but i am not quite sure.

if you guys can help me, that would be great! i am hoping this is the last yoyo i buy this 2012 year.

Well you can look at the c3 di base it is pretty cheap and plays awesome. It also comes with weight rings so you can customize the weight if you want.

Any ILYY would be great they are stable, smooth, and play awesome. The only downside is that if your bearing dies it might be hard to find a new one.

The Deadly Spins Wrath which is about to come out looks amazing and from the videos ive seen of it it plays amazing

Any of the STYY is awesome. They all play well but some can be hard to find.

Better is a relative term. I’ve got stuff from as cheap as a Duncan Butterfly and Imperial and as expense as a TI-5, so a range of price from $5 to $350. What is better? I don’t know.

Also, the DM2 is one of my favorites, but I find myself playing my Code2 with disc side effects. But the past few days I’ve been attacking my Cascade a lot more and my Glacier Express. Then again, I could just grab my stackless Grind Machine or Whip and just play that all day and have just as much fun.

I can’t argue much is better than the DM2. This yoyo can take you “from zero to hero”, and not a lot of yoyos can say that, much less do that.

I will say go full metal. I’m super pleased with my Di Base. I feel the shape works very well for me and I have many others of that brand for planned future purposes. I also like the RecRev Facade and am hoping to score one very soon, and in fact I may just do so, but I’m kinda holding off for nationals. One Drop makes simply amazing stuff. CLYW has priced themselves out of your budget. But none of these have the high wall like a DM2. Basically, anything $50 and up is going to be great, and there’s plenty of lower priced exceptions to this loose rule. YYE carries loads of amazing yoyos, and even if they don’t carry it, there’s an amazing amount of stuff available elsewhere.

Trinity perhaps? It’s pretty much a metal version of the Dark Magic II with a slightly different weight distribution.

Well, if your looking for something on the higher end that is still similar to the DM2, you might look into the Trinity. Its sort of a full metal version of the DM2. Granted, there are some differances made to compensate for the fact that its made out of metal, but they were both designed for Andre Bouley. I’ve played one and it is certainly similar to the DM2. I think overall its an upgrade though.

Holy poop, I just ninja’d your post at exactly the same time you posted.

Code 2, Cascade, DiBase

Thanks for the recommendations guys. i’ve looked at all the yoyo’s you have told me and read reviews about it. Seems like they are all good, but the question still remains. how will i like the yoyo?
i really wish there was a way i could try out these yoyos before i make an expensive purchase.

Looking at: Code 2 , Di Base , Trinity , Genesis , Supernova

That’s one of the downsides to our hobby. Unless you can get to a club and share yoyos with people, you pretty much have to buy to try.

I’m impressed that you’ve thrown the same yoyo for nine months. Many people in this hobby love to acquire yoyos for various reasons.

To answer your question, the Trinity seems like a logical choice. Or you could just get another DM2. There’s nothing a Trinity or Genesis,etc will do that a DM2 won’t.

If you’re in the Sacramento area, you can go through my cases.

Otherwise, there’s no way of knowing for sure. While I have preferences, I can enjoy darn near any yoyo. I buy stuff all over the place.

The DM2 is great, but don’t lock yourself in with trying to “replicate while improving”. It may be time to experience something different.

^ THIS ^

One of the things I enjoy most about my collection is that different Yos play so differently from one another. The variety found in going from an Avant Garde II to a NorthStar to a Raptor to a Bape2 makes the sport a lot of fun.

Thanks for all your replies guys. It boiled down to a tough decision between the Code 2 and the Supernova.
but i have chosen to go with a Supernova.

I believe it was time i get out of my comfort zone. i also heard great things about it, and i love the Orange with Red splash colorway. i just ordered it a few minutes ago, i cannot wait for it to arrive Friday.

im also trying out new types of strings, so i ordered a pack of Kevlar string, Kitty Normal, and Kitty Nylons. but too bad Yoyoexpert has low stock of any strings except the basic 100% polyester ones.

im also deciding to give the Trifecta Bearing a try.

i hope everything turns out well!
im excited! :smiley:

The SuperNova isn’t on my list of wants, but it’s a good yoyo. So is the Code 2. Either are great choices and far outside your “comfort zone”. My collection is all over the place, so my comfort zone shifts depending on what I’m throwing or not throwing.

Nothing wrong with YYE 100% polyester strings. I like them.

You’re gonna love that Trifecta Bearing.

Congrats on your purchases. I just ordered some kitty string yesterday to try it out.

Code 2 is my daily carry and my favorite, but I recently got to try a Supernova clone by Qixia, and was super impressed. It might have been due partly because I wasn’t expecting a knock-off to play so well; but simply speaking, it was very nice, regardless of brand. You should be pleased with the Supernova, and every time you throw your DM2 thereafter, you’ll remember how much you’ve liked it too.