looking for a new yoyo

hey im getting a new yoyo and i decided between dm2 and protostar im looking for long sleeps great thumb grinds arm grinds any grinds good snaps good regens stable for horizontal flows nice and on the heavy side. if you have any other sugestions keep it the $30 to $40 range k thnx

dm 2 woould be suitable.

SFX’s Play Great

Yeah, I would get a DM2. Sounds like a great choice for you. :wink:

Wait for new Yoyojams or other yoyos to come out.

You might regret buying a yoyo now…

you said it bro

yyj hitman pro (version 2) looks promising

Just get a yoyo. Everything in the 40 dollar range will perform by Yoyojam.

I would wait a bit but if you really want a new yoyo get the revolution it plays soooooo well and is really smooth

Why wait when Hitman, Kickside, Vict, Atmosphere, New Breed, SFX, SR-71, PhenomiM and DM2 are already out.

He didn’t mention that.

See he did.

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my thoughts exactly brian.

if you want to learn to grind, for 10 dollars more get some metal. raw aluminum rims dont grind too well, but better than plastic. anodized and bead blasted is much better. also look in the bst. i am sure you could find something that can grind for $40-$50

If you are looking at the dm2 or protostar get the dm2. I would also suggest that you get the hitman pro.

Hitman pro is not out at YYE. Please stick to things YYE sells.

There’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t talk about a yoyo that YYE doesn’t sell. It only says you can’t post links to other stores. No other store was even mentioned, let alone linked. There have been several other recommendations and reviews of yoyo’s that aren’t sold here and it’s never been a problem.