new player needing advice on next yoyo

So I have been throwing properly for about a week and I started off with just some cheap metal yoyo then bought a a 201 which is what I’m using at the moment. I have a Duncan butterfly and a PowerYo Black Widow coming in the mail and I was wondering what you guys would suggest I go for next? bearing in mind that I can bind ok and I can’t afford the YYF skyline (which is my dream throw)

Any good advice will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Protostar, Kickside, Legacy, or if you want a metal cheap go look around the BST section. But I mostly recommend the Protostar, Thick lube, and 100 polyester strings. You also might want to go to a hardware store and pick up some Permatex RTV Silicone for when your response wears out.

Hope this helped! ;D

P.S. This should be in the Looking for Help/Recommendation section.

Many thanks, I was thinking protostar but I can’t stop thinking about grind machines, am already using 100% poly strings so I’m all good in that respect. Will probably pick up a protostar and a grind machine…and maybe a dark magic 2

You should wait until oct 6 and get a north star

I actually haven’t even seen the north star yet… I will have a look at it

You dont want a great yoyo just yet.if i were you i would throw respinsive for about 4 or 5 months, it will make you better in the long run.Trust me.I would go for a fhz

I kept looking at the fhz and I do like the look of it but I thought it was only for counterbalance play? I found a new pgm on ebay for £16 and its soooooo tempting. Like I said I’m using a 201 at the moment and it seems a bit too responsive

Any yoyo that is good for freehand play is good for 1a, and vica versa. It’s the reason that 5a is the second most popular style IMO, that anyone with a regular 1a yoyo and few bucks for a CW can do it.

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man I wouldn’t have thought that was the case, I have watched a few videos of counterweight stuff and it just looks insane

Don’t get the PGM, just get the Protostar. Once you learn binds (very easy) you will be on you way to yoyo pro, and the Protostar will take you there. The DM2 is also nice, and can be tug responsive and unresponsive. Another suggestion no one has made is a YYF Velocity, also I think the DIE-NASTY is a good choice, but is really loud. So Protostar, DM2, or Velocity will do good. ;D ;D ;D

I reccommend like, a Revolution, for the fact it can play responsive, and unresponsive with just a switch of bearings. Same with the DM2. You can play them however you want, whenever you want.

go for something that can be responsive or unresponsive. Velocity, Dark Magic II, Revolution, the new FH2 can easily be siliconed and play unresponsive.

i know you can bind, but playing responsive is probably the best thing a yoyoer can do to practice. continue playing responsive until you have been in the game for 6 months or so. (it may vary)

if you really want to, you can switch to unresponsive play. noone is preventing you, but getting something that can be responsive would help. it smooths out your tricks, it puts you in the mindset of practicing a trick over and over rather than learning it and moving on

Its a sticker recess. Whatever sili you put in it should not last long.

I’ve never played one but it seems to me that if it is a typical Duncan sticker recess it should be able to hold Red RTV Silicone, perhaps that is what they meant. I’m just speculating here, I truly have no idea.

Its too shallow. It will hold but for how long is the question. There are moulding marks in the wall at the back of the recess that it could grip to but I dont think it would grip well.

I actually really like the look of the velocity but I’m in the UK and struggling to fingers the colour I want (the red one), to be honest I hadn’t realised that the dm2 could play both responsive and unresponsive. I am definitely gonna pick up a dm2 and a protostar and probably a velocity when someone is stocking the colour I want but I’m still a little unsure about the freehand, I guess I’ll have a look and see how cheap I can find a fh2 as I’m certain that you guys suggesting it means it will be worth a throw.
not really sure I wanna start Modding stuff yet (too scared of breaking something or just generally screwing something up) but thanks for all the great advice guys, this is by far one of the friendliest and most helpful online communities I have had the pleasure of being a part of. :slight_smile:

Been looking around and I was just wondering 2 things:

  1. should I go for a dm2 or a new breed

  2. people keep saying I shouldn’t get a pgm but I do want a throw with hubstacks so is there anything responsive with hubstacks that I can get?

Anything can be responsive with thick lube in the bearing. A yoyo itself is not resposnive because you can basically mod anything to be unresponsive. DM2 and New Breed will be unresponsive with a clean bearing and responsive with a thick lubed one.

PGM is a good yoyo, not sure why people are telling you not to get it.

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I absolutely love the look and styling of the pgm but the general opinion seems to be that I should play responsive for a while as I am new to the game and I respect the opinion of the community seeing as people here probably have a hell of a lot more experience than me. For now I have a red velocity and a black dm2 in my basket waiting to be purchased when k have the funds available but I have a cheap new pgm on my wishlist on a certain other site crying out for me to buy it.

PGM can be responsive. Get thick lube.