new player needing advice on next yoyo

Very well, thanks. So from what I am gathering the lip is similar to the inside of the mosquito, right? that thing wouldnt hold anything but a sticker stock. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I guess I’ll put the pgm on my definite buy list, any suggestions for a good thick lube (feels really odd asking that question lol!)

Yoyojam thick lube available on this site.

lol, and i thought the new FH2 came recessed ready for silicone. the old one was sticker recessed. i could be wrong.

but what ever you get, it will be fine, if you want to play unresponsive, go for it. but remember, don’t hate on the responsive. they can help you way more than any unresponsive for smoothing out a trick. for learning a trick though, i recommend an unresponsive yoyo. which is perfect if you are getting the velocity or the DM2. with a switch of the bearing or turn of the dial, you can play either.

Actually, contrary to buying think lube and a PGM, You should go for DM2. I think it comes with a thin bearing for responsive play, and it will help you out in the long run :]

Well I think that is me settled then, it’s gonna be a dm2, a pgm (with lube) and a velocity. Will probably pick up a protostar at some point as well and I have also been giving serious thought to one of these

What do you guys think?

I recommend’s black star cases.

you dont even need more than one responsive yoyo. instead of getting lube, get 100 strings. you can play unresponsive on the PGM because i find hubstacks better with unresponsive yoyos.

In all honest I keep considering that myself, using a dm2 and velocity for responsive or mixed play and a pgm for unresponsive play and working on hubstack tricks, is the pgm the cheapest hubstacked throw?

yes, or you could get a yyj yoyo with synergy caps, but i hear those are not as good. i guess you could just get synergy caps for the dm2, but where is the fun in that.

yeah so i think you should get the velocity
DM2 (posibly with synergy caps)
PGM (unless you get synergy caps)
and 100 polly strings or 50/50

Well for the time being the only thing u have sold on ebay is my copy of reach but luckily that will give me enough for a fhz and a pgm which I guess will keep me going till I sell my board and skates…

It should keep you going forever actually.

Haha yeah I guess so but although I don’t need any more yoyo’s but that doesn’t mean I don’t want any more!