Need a little help...

I have recently gotten back into yo-yoing and have just been doing some tricks I remember. I have been using my Legacy that I siliconed, but its way past its prime and I think it is time to retire it. I have been looking at some YYF plastics like the Protostar and Northstar but I am just not educated in other brands. Here are some preferences to help you out:

Material: Preferably plastic right now.

Size: Similar to the Legacy, or a little smaller.

Weight: No real preference.

Feel on string: Something with a little float to it.

My play style: I really like complicated tricks but I do a lot of whips as well. I want to get into some horizontal play eventually.

Price: Not really a factor.

Brand: Never had anything but YoYo Jams so something new would be nice.

Thanks for the help.

My recomendation is a metal. Price is not a factor so any yoyo is out for you. Like, how about a 54?
I know, I know, you said plastic. O.K.:
Counter Attack----------------$30?
I think I named most of them and the Protostar fit your preferences. It is floaty and you get this feel:

It will spin forever. All you do is throw, do tricks, bind. You don’t ever have to worry of spinning out.

I love my grind machine! It handles everything

Which one you recommend? Protostar or Northstar?

They are exactly the same. Bearing, shape, size, placement of weight rings, weight, floatness, texture, bearing wall, vibe, wobble etc…are exactly the same on both Protostar and Northstar.

But the only difference is the graphic picture on the sides and color. Most people tend to like the translucent color on the Protostar and really they just like it. And I do too so I would go for Protostar.

Here’s a fact: There has been a voting around the Protostar and Northstar, 6 out of 7 people voted for Protostar. Weird eh?

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