Getting back into yoyoing... need help picking a throw


As the title says, im getting back into yoyoing and I need to purchase a new throw since I sold all of mine. I was debating between the following:

  • Yoyofactory Protostar
  • Crucial AYCE
  • Yoyofactory Whip
  • Yoyofactory Northstar

Note, I am not new to yoyoing but I really cannot decide for some reason whether to just go buy a metal or stick to the cheap plastics, or get a mid priced plastic. Help would be appreciated. Thanks !


Do you know how to bind?

If so, out of the yoyos you mentioned I think the Northstar would be a very solid yoyo to learn tricks on. It’s stable, not to fast, so you can learn tricks and go slowly.

I have never tried a Crucial AYCE.

The YYF whip isn’t the best yoyo out there, it’s a little bit light and not to stable in my opinion.

The YYF Protostar is a lighter version of the Northstar. It’s awesome! You can go really fast.

I think you should get a Northstar!

(2Sick Joey) #3

Basically what he said, although the AYCE looks really nice and hear good things about it


Northstar or Protostar.

If you want faster, Protostar.
If you want slower(due to weight): Northstar.

Super bang for the buck. Both are fantastic plastics. I have both, and I really enjoy them a lot.


Protostars rock.