YYF plastics

I was looking around the yye store and looked at the plastics. Some of them looked pretty interesting but i was wondering what yall thought.

I think we need more information as to what caught your eye.

What do I have… let me check…

One, Whip, Starbrite, DieNasty(glowing), PGM, Protostar, Northstar.

I keep me ONE responsive, so noobs can try something. I plan on getting a few more for noobs when I do yoyo meets, and then convert my “personal ONE” to unresponsive, maybe.

The Whip, fun, unresponsive, a good carry for when you’re out and about but too light for super long tricks.

DieNasty is a good balanced throw using a fairly classic shape, can grind, good weight, can take you through darn near anything.

PGM is a good introduction to stacks and a shape similar to the DieNasty. Fun.

The Protostar and Northstar are plastics with metal weight rings. Protostar is lighter and a bit faster, which means that the Northstar would be heavier and slower. Really good. Both spin a super long time.

The Starbright is like an ultra light Protostar but without the speed. It’s fast, but not too fast and still is stable on the string, which I found surprising for the weight and it likes to spin like the Protostar and Northstar.

If value and performance are what you design, the Protostar and Northstar are hands down the winners. If cheap and fun are what you want, well, it gets a bit trick as it depends on what you’re after. I like the Starbrite a bit better than the WHIP because the shape, size and weight being heavier than the Whip and the ONE. But, the Dienasty is a great value too. The PGM is kinda funky, so unless you feel the need for stacks, maybe pass on it.

The plastics I saw that caught my attention where the Whip, one, velocity, grind machine, and I know this isn’t a plastic but the speed dial looked interesting. Hope this helps.

The One is a neat, inexpensive yoyo. Buy the version with 2 bearings so you can go from responsive to unresponsive play. But, the bearing may be tight so you might want the YYF Multi-tool.

The Whip, it’s like “my first unresponsive yoyo”. What’s cool is that it has grindable surfaces.

I’m not interested in the Velocity so I won’t say anything.

I think I talked up the Grind Machine enough for now.

I only mentioned YYF yoyos I have. I find for the most part, it’s best to stick with what I know.

What experience with modern (unresponsive) yoyo’s do you have?

The One is a great starting point - as it comes with two different bearings - let’s you step up… BUT it’s a bit light, so if you’re already into throwing unresponsive - you might want to check out something with a little more weight… Maybe a Northstar or Protostar - but if you’re brand new - grab the One for sure…

I’ve not thrown a Grind Machine - but it’s primary purpose is the hub stacks… before you can really take advantage of that you should get the basics down.

I bought a velocity when I first started out, along wth a One and a Whip… the Velocity is OK - it served a purpose in learning, but I outgrew it quick, yet I still goof off with the One and Whip.

The One just went through a bit of body change, not sure if YYE has it in the pictures yet(they are selling it though) but anything not labeled 2011 will be the new body. The new body, I feel, has the best of the old One and the Whip combined - the surface has some texture, fun little throw, plus it comes with two bearings - can’t beat that!

The two unresponsive yoyos I have are the echo and the dm2.

If you already have a DM2 I would skip the One or Whip, unless you’re just looking for a cheap, fun, little throw. If you’re looking for a heavier (like the DM2) then grab a Protostar or a Northstar - both are similar enough in shape, so choose the weight you like and go with that…

If you’re just looking for cheaper, but still weighty, throws - and it doesn’t have to be YYF - I saw your other post on the PSG, grab one of those, or the Asteroid (or both - they are completely different throws, both are excellent, especially for the price)

I gotta support this advice.

I answered the question based on offering information based on the YYF plastics I have, even after being told what the OP has in their possession right now.

The One and Whip are good throws for ending up being beaters and able to take it, as well as the ONE being a good noob/tester throw for people who want to try if you keep it responsive. But as far as already having the DM2… it may not make sense to buy suck inexpensive models unless you just want a different experience or are padding the collection(or both in my case). The Protostar and Northstar would be more ideal choices for many reasons.

I also do agree with the advice on the PSG and Asteroid. Amazing prices, amazing yoyos.

I was looking at the speed dial and thought it looked kinda cool. anyone have it? Hows it play?

Pathetic spin time IMO.

so i know that ima get a psg, but as for the yyf i have it narrowed down to the grind machine, northstar, and the protostar. I hope to one day have them all but for now i will only get 1. Whichh one do you guys like the best. FYI i do like the more weighty throws, but if the difference is only 4-5 grams, it does not really matter.

I don’t have my data sheet on my increasing collection, but the difference between the Protostar and Northstar isn’t that much, just a mere 2.5 grams, yet it does make a big difference in how they play, and I speak from experience. The grind machine is a mere 64 grams, and for some reason I thought it was heavier than that.

The Protostar and Northstar are a bit more well rounded, so you might want to take that into consideration. I think both of those might be the way yo go. Same price, effectively the same shape(caps are different, but the width and diameter are the same), but two different personalities based on weight. I like both, but given a preference, I’d take the Northstar because I like heavier.

I think I am gonna get the grind machine just for prices sake. I know it isn’t the heavy, but I was just wondering for those of you who have it, how does it play, what is its sleep time like?

It doesn’t spin as long as many I have. It still spins great and long on a good throw. I find with my skills(read: on the low side of things), I don’t always have enough time to get through stuff. But, I’m a slower player.

I have no regrets owning it. Learn to pull start it, then grind it up. Awesome!