Battle of the YYF Plastics!

Im surprised nobody has done this yet. I am partial to the Protostar and Starbright, but that’s just me.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITES? you may pick 2

Lets all be completely honest with ourselves the FAST 201 will end up being a classic for its versatility as a beginner intermediate yoyo.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: i guess i sorta agree.

I have one it is pretty good

I’ve got most of those.

One, Whip, Protostar, Northstar, PGM.
OK, now I’m going with what else I have, YYF plastic, list or not:
Die-nasty, picked up a Starbrite at CalStates

Might be others, but memory is only so good.

Northstar, hands down is my favorite of the list. The Protostar, I like a ton, but I like heavier of the Northstar.

i like the protostar more because its lighter, go figure, haha

The correct answer, is the original velocity.

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having a blast throwing my starbrite in 5A for over a week now
great throw, great price, great look

Pocket Change anyone?

no love for the counter attack

well, the newer YYF plastic clearly outclass the older ones

I’ve started with a Velocity and a F.A.S.T. 201
I wouldn’t play them anymore, but I still play my starbrite (which is cheaper than a velocity) on a daily basis, I even create tricks with it.

Nothing outclasses the original velocity.
Dang I wish I still had mine.

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Protostars are all that I’ve been throwing as of late, and the Starlite is another personal favorite of mine.

Protostar for me.
I like how it floats

i the original velocity’s where such a fun play, i traded mine on the B/S/T a while back though :-\

Die-Nasty’s aren’t on the list :-\

Starlite and counter attack for me. I didn’t care for the northstar, so I guess I’m uncommon.

Die-nasty added :slight_smile:


Starlite, everything great about the star line at the perfect weight, and it glows.