What's your favorite plastic yoyo?

I am asking this for two reasons, to find out your favorite plastic yoyo and i am an advanced player on a low budget and I need a new plastic yoyo.

The top ones I like are the protostar, grind machine, legacy, and the freehand zero.

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Is the Protostar a good yoyo

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1st Gen PGM, FHZ, and Protostar

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FHZ and ProtoStar

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Yes I like it and spins as long as any metal out there, well pretty close.

The only one out of them I’ve used is the freehand zero, and man, that’s a good yoyo for what the price is.

Duncan made a gem when they made that yoyo.

Die-Nasty and Renegade.

The protostar is a bi-plastic imo-it has metal rings on the side.
I would have choosen protostar, but in my perspective I choose the Die-Nasty.

My top 5 are in order:
(1) Grind Machine
(2) Legacy
(3) Velocity
(4) Freehand Zero
(5) Lyn Fury

Counter attack

protostar ;D

The Lyn Fury is very nice and very cheap.

I’m not a big fan of catching the protostar BUT after I throw it I love it. It’s just that the shape feels weird in my hand.

I’d still say Protostar.

Today my new Protostar arrived and what should I say…it’s fantastic!!! ;D
Not as good as my metal favorites but absolutely comparable!
I would definitely recommend it.

Keep in mind that you need to bind it.
Even with the stock setup it’s unresponsive as hell! 8)

As of right now I would have to say my Die-Nasty and my sili’d FHZ if we are talking all plastic throws. I do have a Protostar on the way so this my change ;D

proto star is the best plastic yoyo ever!!!
i also like pocket change and a moded fhz

Renegade and eclipse for sure.

Protostar, Legacy, and FHZ. I play stock Freehands with 1 Duncan Silicone sticker, much less grabby.