which is a better plastic yoyo NEED TO BUY


if you have any other unresponsive plastic yoyos with long spin times PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment and tell me what 2 buy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…


its really just preference. I don’t really think there is really a yoyo that is “better” then any out of those 3. you need to ask your self what your looking for - How much money do you have to spend? what size do you want? how heavy do you want it?

i got my friend a legacy for his first one and he loves it. but im not saying that its better or worse then any of the others


im pretty sure the legacy weighs the most
the grind machine and proto star are about the same size - boath being a little bigger then the legacy
The price is legacy - grind machine - protostar from low to high.

the legacy is also made out of celcon which is some tough stuff so it wont break if you drop it or hit something with it. that was the majior selling point for me when i got it for my friend. I dont know about the others though


All of those are great yoyos. Is this your first yoyo? Can you bind?

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I recently got a protostar and I love it. I was skeptical at first because I have some pricey metals, but man this thing plays with the big boys! its one of my main throws and its fantastic for only being 35$ too!


I can bind and this is not my first yoyo im just on a low budget


Then go with the one you think you might like more.

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why does it haft to be plastic? i know some fairly cheap metal yoyos like sigma blade zwie
but if you want great plastics check out the listed below

YYF Proto Star
YYF Velocity-the velocity has a speed dial
YYF Pocket Change
YYJ Legacy-celcon but it’s still plastic
Duncan Freehand Zero- if modded correctly

most yoyos can turn unresponsive if modded correctly, but some work better than others!


if your on a budget get the legacy, its great for the price and its unresponsive out of the box


They are all better.


If you want a one between these, you should go by preference.
Size doesn’t really matter because none of them are undersized.
For weight :

  • If you want a light throw go with PGM
  • If you want a something not too light nor too heavy go with Protostar
  • If you want something a bit heavier than the Protostar go with Legacy

For price :

  • If you want something cheap and good go with legacy
  • If you want to play with hubstacks go with PGM, because most of the hubstacked yoyos are above 100$
  • If you want something that plays like an all-metal yoyo go with Protostar

Whichever you choose you won’t be disappointed