what plastic yoyo?

A cheap plastic yoyo that has long spin times and unresponsive play.If u have any better yoyo recemendations please leave a comment.
??? ::slight_smile:

Please list your preferences first so we can decide which yoyo should you get.

And by the way, there is no better yoyo. It’s all about preferences.

The Protostar and Legacy both come unresponsive, the other needs to be broken in tobecome unresponsive.

But if preference doesn’t matter to you, I would cross out the Speed Maker and the Legacy, and get the Protostar. Seriously dude, the Protostar plays really good for it’s price.

I say Legacy or Speedmaker -price.

But just look at the shapes, see which one fits you.

The DIE-NASTY is a great yoyo. Its 17 bucks and is completely un-responsive. Other ones that are good are the Grind Machine Two
Counter Attack
Lyn Fury

Hope this helps! :wink:

Legacy. Amazing. Nuff said.

Never had any of those but considering all i hear about is protostars, id definatly go with that

protostar plays like a metal is a plastic amazing for the price (35)

ProtoStar is best plastic yoyo, and i think, is even comparable to metal Yoyos, and it has the Center-Trac Bearing in stock, so (for me) the choise is already done : - P

IMO, there is no competition here. ProtoStar all the way. It plays better thatn most of my metals and it is just SO GOOD!

probably protostar, or get the unresponsive yoyo that looks good to you, I say you are starting to get preferences, so make youre preference with the next yoyo you buy. But if you have any, just list them.

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dont even think, and buy a protostar

The Protostar is amazing. But lately I’ve been throwing an unstacked v1 PGM and it is crazy, so if you can buy stuff used, it will be cheaper and really good.

Yeah, PGM’s are much better to carry around in your pocket since they’re not as big.

Choose from:

Plastic Grind Machine V.2.
Counter Attack. <(0_0<)

Or if you’re buying from the B/S/T:
Plastic Grind Machine V.1.
Plastic Grind Machine Stackless. <(0_0<)

Remember, Kirby is always right! ;D