A nice plastic

I keep thinking about buying these really really nice, high end metals, but in the end, I just really want a nice, agreeable plastic Yoyo that can spin a while, take a beating, and just plain out plays nicely. I want it to be unresponsive, too. Currently I’m playing with the yyf Whip, and I like it a lot. I can play it anywhere, slam it into stuff (not on purpose, of course), etc. I’m considering the ONEstar, or maybe a Classic with an unresponsive bearing. I would also prefer to have the Yoyo be fairly cheap… Anyway, can someone please recommend a nice, cheap, unresponsive plastic to me? Thanks in advance, guys.

I’m not sure what you consider cheap. Giving a price point will help us give suggestions. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a Northstar (Shaqlerstar) or a Protostar. Those go for about 35 bucks. If that’s too expensive, a lot of people swear by Adegle’s plastics, which go for about 15. The YYJ Trigger is also a great choice for about 27 dollars. You can check out the Alpha Crash which goes for 20 bucks I think, but again, I haven’t personally tried it. Any of these are capable of performing any trick you throw at it.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Classic with upgraded bearing and response.

That was going to be my recommendation as well.

Nothing against some of the other excellent suggestions, but the Classic with upgrades really impresses and amazes.

I honestly really like the counter attack. If your into more curved shape yoyos than that’s what I recommend.

What does everybody think about the ONEstar? Btw thanks for all the suggestions so far?

Fun, rugged, durable, sucks for IRG grinds, good on other grinds, a bit light for my preferences though.

It’s not just “good for the money” though. It’s good. However, because of the low weight, I wouldn’t recommended to new players, but anyone who’s gotten a decent throw and can bind and has a couple of months at binding and unresponsive play, I’d say sure. But, if it’s for a new player looking for “super long spin times”, no, this isn’t an ideal solution.

I have one. I don’t need a second. These are worth having though.

I still prefer an ugpraded Classic.

thank you! Classic seems to be the most popular choice so far… However, I am also open to fairly cheap metals that aren’t necessarily SMALL, just pocket- sized and can take a beating, and can spin for a long time. Ideally, a Yoyo I can practice with, and use in competition if I ever want to. Any metals that you guys could suggest? I’d prefer a throw from a fairly well known brand, but whatever you suggest I’ll consider. :slight_smile: thanks!

If you’re after budget metals, God Tricks have some good stuff. I had a Destiny that looked like it’d been dragged behind a car that still played pretty well. One of my mates used a God Tricks Destiny to win the Aus Nats a few years back as well so it’s definitely competition ready.


If you can afford to buy a The V from Something, i suggest do so because i have yet to play a better plastic (Delrin to be exact, but it’s plastic afterall) than it. It surpassed pretty much all my expectation in a plastic yoyo. The only cons is that in some runs some V will have its caps popping out a bit after a few play but it’s fixable and i think Something has fixed that. Mine was broken in half because it hit the ceiling fan and i regret it so much


I second this

I just played a ONEstar the other day and I really like it. I might even get one for myself now that I think of it… but for real I might. Anyway, it’s such a legit throw as I’m sure the trigger and protostar are(I just haven’t had a chance to play one yet) Adegle plastics are legit too but they’re a whole different feel. If you’re looking at the onestar specifically I would say go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Lots of nice plastics out there. Here are my faves:

-Alpha Crash

Well, this is a thread about choosing a plastic yoyo. Now you’re confusing the issue by injecting metals into the equation.

This is a matter now of what you want to spend and other requirements. I’m going to at first limit myself to YYE offerings only.

I’m gonna second God Tricks. Good stuff, fantastic prices. The Destiny and Cyclone are two that I can think of. The Bounty Hunter is too big, but I like it a lot.

The C3 YoYoDesign Dibase would be another suggestion. If you want smaller, the Token, but consider getting a shaped bearing and clean it really good.

The YYE Eneme is a good undersized, but it’s a touch finicky and needs a good, solid throw. The YYF G-Funk is another one that would work good, but this is not one i enjoy but my boy has one. Note, that my enjoyment does not translate to “bad”, it translates to “not my preferences”.

The sOMEThING Firmy is another viable offering to consider. The V is too, and being Delrin, is durable and rugged.

But, if you’re still set on plastics, what do you want me to talk about? Classic? Full sized. Lyn Fury, mid-sized I think. Legacy II? Full sized. Chaser: Awesome heavy fully sized that plays light on the string. Trigger is noisy, full sized and is durable but in 5A, when dropped can crack and splinter. Protostar or Northstar are great and lets you choose performance based on weight, not shape. Alpha Crash, what’s not to love about it? PSG or Asteroid, depends what flavor you want, but are full sized each.

Other options might be non-YYE offerings. Magic Yoyo T6 would be the leader, but I like the T5 a lot better even though it’s bigger.

Sorry, I’m not trying to confuse anybody, just realized a little too late that I would also like to hear suggestions for cheap metals. Anyway, plastics interest me a bit more right now. Anywho, I was thinking about the Derlin Severe… What does everybody think about it?

It’s always good when people can “lay it all out” at once so people can advise accordingly.

Anyhow, the delrin Severe: I didn’t care for it, but those are just my preferences. I haven’t been connecting too well with a lot of YYF products lately. It appears YYF and I am no longer on the same page, or perhaps book. However, that’s not to say there was anything wrong with it, it just wasn’t a good match for me.

I much prefer my C3 YoYoDesign Halo and sOMEThING V. Again, preferences.

Well… I guess I should lay out MY preferences, then. Not exactly sure what they are with plastics, but the Whip is a bit light and not really the best shape to fit into my hand. So basically, I need something heavier than the Whip, and also probably a wider shape to it. The shape of the Derlin Severe looks gorgeous, but I’m not totally sure about the weight, though.

gonna have to say alpha clash myself

Still saying upgraded Classic. Grinds better than the Alpha Crash, which is also awesome in its own respects.

Whip is too darn light. DieNasty or stackless PGM is a better fit as far as weight is concerned. In general, this shape is very 5A friendly.