Stable, very sturdy, plastic, cheap yoyo?

For under $32.38 dollars, what is the best, very very hard to break, unresponsive yoyo? And I mean, REALLY hard to break. Like, offstring hard. Not that I’ll use it for offstring. Just Go West.

i MEAN 32.50 Well I was gonna say the protostar which is just $35 which plays god like. One of the best plastics out there. I mean there is the trigger. but still, protostar is a boss.

The trigger has some durability issues, but is a great player. I recommend the YYF Counter Attack. It can grind, comes stock with a CT bearing, has a grind machine shape, and plays great! I’m pretty sure it’s less than $32 too.

Nothing really. Whatever you get is gonna break at some point with that kind of play.

Anything YYJ that’s plastic, eventually that solid spin axle is gonna fail. Anything all-plastic will probably do better if the axle is secured with a nut but you’ll have more vibe. I don’t recall how the inside of my Alpha Crash is, but it feels like it’s durable like crazy.

I think the YYF Whip and ONE are too light for what you want. Maybe a Stackless Grind Machine?

Maybe get a PSG or Asteroid. They’ll take a tremendous beating and come back for more and is less than half your budget. I have found these to be stable, sturdy, inexpensive and very unresponsive if you want them to be. Worse case is you hate the response and silicone it and/or maybe try a different bearing to ensure more unresponsiveness.

Or, if you want, maybe a Hayabusa with some spacer replacements and a super clean CenterTrac A-sized bearing? I don’t think this would be the best choice though as I haven’t really tried to make mine unresponsive like that since I am using it as an off-string.

DO NOT go for the Trigger. I love the Trigger to death, but if it takes a hit on the edge of the rim, it may break and you’re done. The Trigger is not a good candidate for this.

Duncan Hayabusa
Yomega Xodus II

I have an Xodus. It’s horrible. And responsive.

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I’d say Adegle plastics or a YYJ/YYF full plastic. Ring weighted yoyos tend to have more issues with durability.


Hmm maybe like a one star or a classic.

Wow…What in the heck are you going to do with a yoyo where it needs to be so bulletproof?
As plastics go I gotta recommend The YYJ Classic for preformance, stability, and value for the buck.
The Classic, silicone response upgrade, and bearing upgrade to make it unresponsive is about $20. (within your budget even with shipping)

I don’t see the Classic breaking down on you. That said I have no idea how it would stand up if you beat on it repeatedly and I’m sure some of the more experienced folks on here could point you to the toughest of the tough. Even then it don’t matter if you are talking about yoyos or bowling balls… everything will break if used in ways against its design (read:abused)
I’m sure you are not planning on abusing it…I more just giving my thoughts on durability in general. :wink:

Have you considered the C3 Alpha Crash? It’s just $20 and should be quite sturdy and durable. And of course it plays great. Stable and long spinning.

He’s planning on using it it in a style that is just going to unfortunately subject the yoyo to way more abuse that the yoyo is intended to take. I don’t think HE is going to be intentionally abusive, it’s just the nature of the Go West style he wants to use the yoyo with. He already knows he’s gonna be dropping it a lot and I think just wants to get started in the right direction.

As much as I like the Classic, my son’s Fiesta XX(an off-string) has been dropped who knows how many thousands of times. I think his yoyo got crushed and that’s why one side of the solid spin axle has come loose and is working its way back to the outside, causing the yoyo to be way more responsive than it should be. I see the same issue being a potential for any other Silid Spin Axle, plus since we’re most likely looking at a polycarbonate yoyo, cracking being another unwanted scenario as well.

But I do think the Classic would be a viable option once siliconed and recessed nicely AND a better bearing popping in there. But, I can see the Stackless Grind Machine taking loads of abuse and remaining serviceable since the axle and nut remain accessible and hae good odds of being replaced.

Oh. I see. (Lonefrog615 opens mouth and inserts foot) :slight_smile:
I hope the original author took no offence to my comments, If you can imagine a laughing, smiling surprise that would more indicate the tone with which I wrote them. I meant no condemnation at all and more was speaking to opinions of durability’s importance to me. I can see now that this Go West style is what has brought the subject of durability to the forefront and makes personal opinions of durability moot points since durability is simply required in this case. Context is so often lost in text.

I’ve never heard of this style so I withdraw my advice out of ignorance. (The Classic is still a really good throw though and totally in your budget.) I apologize if my miss-step was misconstrued and caused offense.

Offense? I am offended that you think I might have taken offense! Haha… The Counter Attack looks pretty good, how durable is it? Can it withstand some grass and carpet abuse?

If you’re talking grass and carpet abuse, well, then you get a LOT more options for your venures!

I’m fairly positive the Counter Attack and nearly any model mentioned here(except the Trigger, it’s just not a wise choice for this) would be suitable for what you want to do.

I was assuming more hard surface play.

The Whip!

I’d say onestar or trigger. I dont know if there strong enough, but heck the trigger is good, and the onestar is cheap. I do own a onestar and it is noisy but a good player. I’ve tried the trigger and really liked it too. But as studio 45 said, it can chip and affect play.

Alpha Crash or the New Velocity. Both very good and fun!

I find that the inner mechanism of velocitys like to break.

alpha crash or any yyj celcon throw. theyre all incredibly durable from my experience