fast budget plastics

I’m looking for a nice budget yoyo thats fast and can take a beating (due to the fact i drop my yoyos on occasion and my school is outdoor campus) needs to be unresponsive and 40 dollars and down.

Speed Maker.

Speed is in the name, And every yoyo can take a beating.

Depends what you want.

Listing, in no order, based on what I have:
YYR Diffusion
YYF Protostar
YYJ Chaser
YYJ Trigger
YYJ Lyn Fury, clean the bearing and silicone it.
YYJ Speed Maker
Adegle Asteroid
YYJ Classic with silicone and a YYJ Speed Bearing.

looking for a v or h shaped yoyo mid-weight hybrid,celcon,or polycarb can play pretty fast and good for horizontal so far im between alpha crash proto north chaser psg asteroid cHaser and trigger

Well, the Chaser is heavy but plays light. Smooth surfaces make for band grinds.

Protostar is noisy and a crappy grinder but other than that, no issues. Same with Northstar except heavier and slower.

PSG isn’t that fast. Great and stable though. The Asteroid is faster and stable, but not a shape that’s great for horizontal.

Trigger can push as fast as you want to move it but the shape isn’t ideal for horizontal but the shape does work for it. Great grinder.

I gotta get an Alpha Crash. I think after my gig next weekend, I have to pick one up.

Take a beating? That rules out all Polycarbonate throws with a weight ring.

Trigger is known to have weight rings falling out, though you can simply push it back in when it does.

But Alpha Crash and PSG fits your demands the most, and between these two the Alpha Crash wins in every respect, including price/performance.

The YYJ journey is nice, and cheap to boot.

by take a beating i mean it can hit the ground maybe a about twice a month

wow. you are living on the edge.

sarcasm off


ShaqlerStar I love mine!

My legacy 2 has some nice weight to it is light for how i use it speed wise. Now on another hand,I have dropped my legacy 2 millions of time and I can’t find dings, scratch marks or dents. The legacy 2 has high walls so I kind of has an H shape to it. Grinding wise it’s great for a start and that’s about it. You can do fast play not the best but it does work. After a while thought the bearing does get noisy just need to lube it just putting that our there because mine had the worst teeth grinding sound possible. For horizontal the shape is not the best but I can do horizontal with it though.

just to clarify, high walls do not define an H shape. yo-yos like the Decapod or NV are considered to be H shape.

If youre willing to go up 5 bucks, the Severe. If not, a Whip with a Trifecta will only be 25.

how is the speeder 2 i might just save 8 dollarsand get that

You had a budget of $40 and the Speeder 2 runs $57.80.

It’s different. It’s a fast mover. Smooth, fast, stable. If you really want it to come to life, the stock bearing is great but a KK in there is really, to me, what it seems it was meant to have in there. Don’t get the ceramic KK, get the steel one. The brass weight rings have been know to detach, and I’ve had this happen to me a couple of times. In my case, they didn’t come off, but they did get loose and I pressed them back in.

found a deal and will a crucial grooved or centertrac help bring itsspeed?

No. The bearing itself will have little impact o SPEED of the yoyo. I just found that by putting a KK in the Speeder 2, I much prefered how it performed with this bearing in the yoyo over the YYJ Speed bearing.

I can’t see a Crucial Grooved or CenterTrac helping with speed. As both will keep the string away from the response, those should also help with overall spin times. Really, all I can recommend is trying different bearings and see what works best for you in there.

A “good” bearing will have a slower decay rate, not a higher speed. The initial speed comes from the throw and will technically be the same at the start with every bearing.

Both wrong.

You want a bearing with a high maximum speed, which is limited primarily by the design and geometry specifications of the bearing, then finally quality. In general, a smaller bearing will have higher maximum speed than a large bearing.

The higher the maximum speed of the bearing, the lower the decay rate. Now, speed and maximum loading, which determines the durability of the bearing, is always a tradeoff. That’s why some of the better bearings (One-drop, Yonity) uses ten small balls instead of the standard eight large balls.