fast budget plastics

Youre wrong… Itll only spin as fast as you throw it

Re-read my post.

I own a chaser great throw extremely durable. Hit this one all the time on concrete doesn’t even leave a scratch

I recommend against the trigger.Friend had one hit the ground once and it shattered

I did

Please bore someone else with your incompetence.


Please bore someone else with your incompetence.

So how am I wrong?

Let’s not derail this thread with arguing. Let’s keep on topic.

Also, keep in mind my recommendations are not “the Final Answer”. They are merely my opinions and subject to disagreements. In fact, having disagreements helps the poster get more information on the item(s) in question and helps them make their decision.

Can you buy me an Alpha Crash if I pay you?

I’m going to buy one after my gig next weekend. There’s a few other items I got my eyes on. A yoyo don’t have to be expensive for me to enjoy it a ton!

If you can pay me, you can pay YYE for one. I’d have to charge the costs of shipping to you unless you live near me. In which case you could swing by my place or meet me at a YoLex meet

I have chash and I live in Daly City. I could of course pay you a shipping and a little extra if you do. I’m just really desperate and don’t have my parents around to buy me one.

We can talk about that later. Right now, I’m tight on cash. I gotta save up my money for food for my gigs next weekend. I don’t get paid until the end of the 4 day grind, but that’s how it should be.

I’m already compiling my list. I may be asking some other people to help get some items for me. I have a lead with a sponsored player for the Chico YoYoCompany, so if YYE doesn’t have the HH3, I might go that route to get one. The SPYY Aplifier looks very promising as well.

Out of those (that I own) I would say that the alpha crash and trigger are my favorites, and my preferences are similar to yours. Between those two, it is hard to decide. The alpha crash is better at horizontals, and can play really fast. The trigger has better grinds, and is more stable, but not too much more so. It is also speedy. I love both. I think that both greatly benefit from a curved bearing, but that is just me.