I am pretty impressed with this yoyo and how well it plays. It is probably one of the best plastic yoyos out there and plays just as good as a lot of fully metal yoyos out just minus the metal. :wink:
Sleep time: Great! It has a great sleep time and can handle a lot of tricks

Stability: Pretty good, the metal rings on the outside really help with that

Weight: 69.5 Grams witch is pretty heavy for a plastic yoyo from it metal weight rings on the side which makes it have lots of momentum

Feel: The shape of this yoyo is a little different that most yoyos so it takes a little bit to get used to but after that it feels pretty good

Overall I’d recommend this yoyo and it would be a great yoyo if you dont want to spend a lot of money on a fully metal yoyo but still want a good throw, it play awesome. :slight_smile:

(Edmeister) #2

Protostar’s better IMO.
But Northstar has weight and is more stable.
Protostar fo the win ~


I’ve got both. I’m finding myself leaning towards the Northstar. I won’t deny both are great. I’m glad I have both. Both are winners. It’s all about preferences.


I hate the Northstar, viby and heavy. worst throw I’ve ever bought
I would sell it but it cracked by itself ?


Sounds like yours is messed up, or maybe you just like light yoyos?


great review :slight_smile: nice. simple. straight to the point. ;D

i personally prefer lighter yoyos. so i think the Protostar is a much better throw


hmm, i prefer more heavier yoyos rather than light but every protostar I’ve tried was REALLY vibrating but that probably because they all had messed up bearings but i think it is a great yoyo too :stuck_out_tongue:


Protostar is my favorite of the star series. Northstar is very vibey and no fun to play with. Starlite is fun and quite nice to play but lacking the performance of the protostar IMO. Both my starlite and northstar have had the area around the cap break. With the starlite I used it alot for 5a and it got dinged alot but the northstar I didn’t use that much so that just made me mad >:(


I don’t like Yoyo Factory. =[


I like the protostar more than the northstar, northstar just felt wierd and had a wicked pulse vibe.


You know I find it strange that every single person I’ve seen that talks about the Northstar
says they vibe or vibe like crazy. I own three and every single one has no sign of the pulse vibe of doom that has been talked about all over the place. Two Protostars as well which makes 5 YYF plastics that I own with no vibe. Maybe I’m just lucky… :wink:


I’m not going to say my Northstar is vibe free, but that and my Protostar seem to play smooth to me.

I think some people obsess over things. All yoyos vibe to some degree. I find if I throw it right in the first place(regardless of what I throw), it can be pretty much “vibe free”.


Vibe probably means “bad throw” :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alex Fairhurst) #14

My Northstar is fun and I like it, but it does have a small pulsing vibe no matter how good my throw is. Overall it’s a good yoyo. If I want smooth I’ll just switch it out for my Avalanche or Torrent II.

(Cinimod105) #15

I think the ‘vibe’ that everyone speaks of refers to the vibe they feel when they put their finger there while the yoyo is spinning.


My northstar started off close to vibe free like my protostar but developed an absolutly terrible vibe. Kyle700 if I throw my protostar or sfx in the same way they are as close to vibe free as you can expect from a plastic.

(Alex Fairhurst) #17

I can actually see the pulse from the vibe when my Northstar is spinning. Maybe because the arrows aren’t lined up?


I own 2 Northstars one who was I think from one of the first batches this Northstar lasted me quite a while before it cracked when it slipped from my hands, this Northstar was vibe free at the beginning but it started to vibe when I opened it. The other one is really smooth for a plastic yoyo, doesn’t vibe hit it on concrete once, didn’t crack and opened it a few times and is still vibe free.

And for the yoyo to be vibe free or have less vibe you should aline your arrows, this helps a lot


If you tighten the yoyo till the arrows meet then that will drasticaly reduce or just plain get ridof the vibe (I have three northstars and two protstars and they all were vibe free as long as you align the arrows).

(Alex Fairhurst) #20

Thanks for the advice.
I’m kind if scared to over tighten my northstar, though. Should I be worried about it breaking if I screw it together too much to meet the arrows?