northstar oppions

so I ordered me one of the new northstar glows, whats everyone think about northstar in general what can I be expecting?

I hope you like heavy yoyos

A heavy stable plastic throw that has a history of weak hubs so dont crank on the yoyo too much

Plays lighter then you might think, by just a little.

I really got it just for the glow estihetic It was that or a prostar >.< ive heared bad things about the glow hubstack that just came out so I kind of strayed away from that I wanted a good player too

I love the Northstar. I like weight and stability above all else, so it’s perfect for me. Best plastic at that price range, in my opinion.

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The Northstar is great. Despite its weight, it can go quite fast.

i really enjoy the northstar.

a ‘full’ size yo yo, that definitely feels substantial at the end of its’ leash - at least to me. solid, stable and deliberate - which is somethin’ i’d expect from 70 gms of yo yo.

i don’t use the ‘markers’ to tighten the halves. it spins true regardless, it seems. the centre track bearin’ does its’ job - even though it’s a bastardized dif-e-yo konkave.

i have no regrets w/ my purchase :slight_smile:



I do like the Northstar, but it’s a bit heavier for me.

I have both the Counter Attack and the Protostar so I would be interested in how the Northstar plays.

the northstar is just a heavier protostar, I prefer the protostar by far.

I believe it’s spelled “opinions”, not “oppions”.

I believe everyone knows what he meant and that it’s not that important.

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lol I agree.

so I got the northstar in, on the first throw I really liked it. wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be, somewhat floaty reminds me of the genesis. overall I really like it cant wait till tonight so I can see it glow!

I loved the Protostar, I enjoyed the Northstar. If you like heavier or slower yoyos then you will probably prefer the Northstar.