Hitman yoyo review

(JDrocks!) #1

Fist of all the hitman is the ultumit yoyo! spin time 5-7 Minituis with a good throw. bad throw 1-2 min.
respons- duel o-ring
used to win 2003 world chapoinship by JD
maker- JD
grindablity- it grinds like butter. even if its a bad throw its super easy to grind. thumb grinds are a diffrent story though. for me it very hard to thumb grind.
very stable, no wobble exept with throw is bad. looks amazing!

    over all 9/10


no offence ,but thats not much of a review.try to be more specific on why it doesnt thumb grind very well,and things like that.

(JDrocks!) #3

non taken. im new at this so i appretait the tips thanks


Get firefox for spell check:) also you might want to add more to your review than that.

(JDrocks!) #5

thx for help


sure,I was like this when I started too so dont feel bad! :wink: