Overall: this yoyo is grind king, and really wowed me.

first impressions:
This yoyo has a smooth, rounded edge that shines nicely in the light, and feels good in your hand running my finger over the edge, I felt a premium grinding surface, smooth and unbroken. having experience with the x-convict, I felt that I had seen some of the best JD had to offer. heck, was I wrong. The graphics are cool as well.

First throw:
The first thing that I noticed was that for the first half-second of sleep, it had the very slightest bit of vibe, but not enough to worry about. the first trick i did was a grind. It blew me away. the smooth surface seemed almost to hover over my arm. VERY impressive. It’s a very smooth player. it hits the string and it feels so natural doing advanced and complex tricks. not prone to unbalance or mistake at all, and feels so very nice grinding. boy, I thought I knew that JD. Wowza. A real player. up there with the best. I like the profile very much, the weight is just right. It may ot be the best floater, but it passed my standards pretty well. A slick, smooth player, It makes tricks that some other yoyos have trouble with a little easier.

Closing thoughts:
A very sharp looking yoyo with a nack for impressing fits right into my style. you should get one.

nice, a little short, i think there could of been a little more covered but you did get all the most important general things in. A lot of people just say how amazing a yoyo is in a review i like it better when people add the bad things cause when your gonna spend money you want to know what you are getting, good job.

there right in the YYE stores.
under yoyojam, click on Hitman, then click add to cart.

and dont bring up old posts

I have one and don’t find it very good at thumb grinds unless the caps are off. it is very smooth. i think it should belong in every collection. I noticed that the yoyojam descriptions make them seem like the best. they are only the best intermediate. all metals are amazing. get the hitman anyway.