What Yoyo(s) are extremely good and smooth for grinding?

(AudienceOfOne.) #1

well not really extremely… butyou get my point…
i need facts/opinions, whatever you can throw at me…
i know people here are very helpful and friendly so hopefully you guys can help me out

oh… and also, what are the smoothest yoyos out there?

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the best grinding yoyo ive used is the 2nd run five star, it grinds forever


Basically any metals, especially beadblasted and ano’ed ones.

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thanks for the replies guys but i meant names
sorry if i didnt make it clear…

is the hitman any good? is it both smooth and really good at grinds?

and what other yoyos? (names of yoyos/companies)


The Hitman and X-convict were designed by Johnnie DelValle, the creator of grinds, therefore they are some of the best grinders out there.


Peak, Dv888, and DNAs are my favorites.

But you can do it with any yoyo.

(Shisaki) #8



5star, by far.

(AudienceOfOne.) #10

i had a lyn fury and its pretty good.

are they any smooth though?



They might have a little vibe, that’s called YYJ vibe. The plastic they use could be a little inconsistent and cause a vibe. It happens to every 1 of 20 YYJs or so.

(Astrojax) #12



Not sure what your budget is but If you can, get a Liopleurodon, it was the smoothest yoyo I ever threw. No vibe, or wobble unless you had a really bad through. As for grinds, it can grind all day. It is “candy blasted” whatever that means. When you slide your finger across it you will know what I am talking about. It feels soft, and slick at the same time. It really is an amazing yoyo. I have not thrown any other I Love YoYos but their other yoyos may play the same also.


the hitman is great for grinds



(ed) #16

the addiction is about the best i’ve seen lately.
my favorite “good-for-grinds” yo-yo ever though is probably the original silver mg.

(JonasK) #17

If it’s not JD approved, it doesn’t GRIND like JD!!!

The Eneme is JD approved by the way.



(SR) #19

The BOSS and dv888 are very good and smooth for griniding.


A raw yoyo like the eneme is terrible for grinding.

The Liopleuridon is an awesome yoyo and will grind well but if you have wimpy fingers it will pop one off in a hurry! lol Its just real heavy.

I would have to say the new 5150’s and the blasted wedgie’s are awesome. Problem is there are so many good grindable yoyo’s out there that its really hard to decide. If I were you I’d just find a metal that is bead or candy blasted and go with what you think looks cool. You won’t be dissapointed.