the x convict

This yoyo is truly amazing. It’s very smooth, and absolutely zero kickback.
First impressions:
This yoyo has a unique profile and a normal overall size. the profile has high walls, that immediately flare out in wide metal rims. very cool-looking. looks excellent for grinds. The side caps look nice, and has an overall feel of perfection. It fits perfectly in the hand, and has a cozy feel to it. having some past experience with yoyojam, I sensed a truly amazing throw. I personally like yoyos with this weight, because they tend to be smoother than anything heavier or lighter.I was overcome with a sense of, " I cant wait to throw this thing!!"
On the throw:
This yoyo is officially the most smooth that I own. There is one catch. I thought that the double o-ring was a bit snaggy, so I bought some silicone pads and replaced ONE of the o-rings. Perfect. Not too snaggy, but still grabbed the string enough. I love hybrid response. My first grind I felt the yoyo slide up my arm in the most amazing manner. JD, you are amazing. It grinds better than anything that I have ever seen. It is now my favorite yoyo. It beats the Dark Magic, but not by much. It is defiantly smoother than the Dark Magic, and grinds better. As I continued to play with it, I noticed something. The bearing that I got was a little funny. It seemed to give my yoyo a little vibe. I switched it with the bearing out of my C-13 and lo and behold, it was just a funny bearing. the C-13 is too stable for vibe, so now both yoyos are vibe less and fun to play. This thing, though is VERY well- priced. It is the best yoyo that I own. As another thought, this yoyo is very floaty, one of my favorite quality in a yoyo, along with how well it slides along the string. This yoyo performs nicely in this area, but, I have to say, the C-13 beats it in that section. Now, I am a HUGE fan of JD’s.
From a beginner’s stand point:
I lent it to a friend of mine who is a intermediate player, and he loved it. He said that it was “a really good yoyo”. He liked it’s spin times and its stability for learning tricks such as the trapeze, and he thought that it was just plain cool.

Closing thoughts:
This yoyo is one that plays with the best. I HIGHLY recommend ANY level yoyoer get it. It is entirely unresponsive, and plays any trick you throw at it. Get one. Now. ;). But seriously, put this on your Christmas list. It will be a very good decision.
here are the specs…
Diameter: 2.13"
Width: 1.58"
Response System: Double O-Ring
Weight: 67.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C


here are some pics.

by far my favourite metal rimmed yyj, awesome throw

i told my grandma to get me an x convict or a dm but my birthday is the 23 so idk if ill get one of both

That sucks z… people will probably just give you one thing for both. I like my birthday, 1/24. I have a month to decide what I want after seeing what I get for Christmas… ;D

hey ben am i the friend?

ahah yeah thats happend batryn but idk if they get me one or both

nice pics. kinda makes me still wish that i had my blue one. one of my 3 favorite yoyojams the other two being th daRk maGic and the miNimotU.

these three yoyos/wheels make you wonder why people say stupid things about yoyojam.