X-Convict review - Brick

Okay, so this is my first review, go easy on me. Any CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is more than welcomed.



I have been clicking through many yo yo’s on YYN, YYE, and YYG, searching for another yo yo. hoping to find that perfect one that jumps out and screams “buy me!” I own a couple all metals, metal/plastics and all plastics, and each has their own appeal, but I wanted something else, something that feels a certain way, has a great shape, good weight and a decent size. So I came across the X-convict, a couple of times, but never took a good hard look at it, until recently.

The first thing that popped out to me were the fat weight rings. As we all know, weight focused around the edge gives longer spin times, but since these are so broad I imagined great stability as well. Secondly, it has a nice sharp edge, which is a change from all of the rounded edges that i currently possess, so I was interested in that. Lastly the graphics. The cartoon on the caps is a pretty neat touch in my opinion. I also liked that it did not carry the hybrid response. The hybrids buzz a little bit, and sometimes I find myself running into the starburst and slowing myself down. Since it had the double oring I imagined it would accept flowable silicon, which I prefer. So I was convinced to try it out, and boy, am I glad I did.


Diameter 2.13 inches
Width 1.58 inches
Response Double O-Ring
Weight 67.5 grams
(according to YYE)

First impressions-

I was fortunate enough to grab a Special Edition black rim/red body and mirrored caps, and it is gorgeous. It’s size falls between the Axiom and Dark Magic. Awesome. I always felt the Axiom was a tad small, and the DM can be slightly obtrusive for those who have smaller hands. Weighing in at 67.5 grams, it feels great. The first couple throws, proved to be a little too responsive for my taste, but that’s due to the double o-ring. But it does have the adjustable gap, so that helped. I left the caps on since they are mirrored and look awesome while sleeping, so I’m not certain if there’s a grind ring similar to the DM or not. As for grinding, the red plastic is very glossy, and unforgiving as it is very grippy on skin, I sometimes will use baby powder when practicing, and they helped, but is not practical. The anodizing on the rings makes for a more comfortable arm or palm grind.


On the string this yo yo feels very balanced, it rarely slants (until close to dying) and has very positive throws. It is quick, and very manuverable in tight spots.

Personal rating, 1-10 (10 being the best)
1A- 8.5 Plays great, but I’m deducting for grindability and slightly less spin time than expected.
2A- n/a as it is not intended for 2A I am not judging it
3A- I don’t play 3A any ratings will be mere speculation
4A- 4 It works, but it’s a smaller yo yo, and metal rimmed. Drops will really hurt this thing.
5A- 7 I prefer slightly larger diameters for 5A, but it is quite stable and can move quickly


When I got it, it was too responsive, so I originally thought about slicing the orings flush for a pseudo silicon sticker/flowable, but I wanted to save the orings. I ended up pulling them out and applying flowable silicon, it took very well, and plays GREAT. I also popped in some tiny shims to slightly widen the gap. Yes, it has an adjustable gap, but one of my DM’s began loosening during play as I was adjusting the gap constantly, so I decided against using it. I also put a KK bearing in it, it’s rock solid.


Although it didn’t catch my eye immediately, I am glad I decided to pick it up. It looks great; plays stable, quick and smooth; and it’s a great price at ~$40 US.

great review of the X-Convict. I’m now thinking of buying one thanks to the review. and this is my favorite reveiw of a yo-yo EVER!

yeah this review is put togather real well i have been looking for the same x. that you got. cant find it though, i only saw it on yoyonation and it is sold out. But cant wait to get it.

That was a fantastic review! Im thinking about buying one now! :smiley:

wow awsome review im thinking the xconvict or DM and right now im to the x thanks for the review do some more reviews that way when you get another yoyo and what not good formating

Yeah, the Vict is a great yoyo. For any of you wondering, the short way to say X-Convict, is vict, not x, well, not really, but if you go on most forums and type X, they might think you’re crazy :wink:

You do great jobs with reviews.

Very nice review. I don’t have one but, it sounds like it’s good. :wink:


Ok, this is a great review and thanks for sharing it with us!

Although I have to say I had VERY different expectations going into it…

Your title reads “X-Convict review - Brick” and that instantly put me in the wrong mindset. In my neck of the woods, “brick” is a term used to describe junk or non-working goods. :wink:

i have an x con and this review describes it very perfectly keep up the great work

yeah my favorite yoyo is a vict the review was dead right ;D good job

Great Review ! I was thinking about getting a Hitman but after reading your review, it changed my mind and I am gonna get an X-Convict soon. Thank you. And Great review.

Again, very good review, especially for a first. I’m surprised though that no one’s said anything about the rating system yet (Samad :P). You might want to leave that out in the future, since it really didn’t add much to the review itself as many of the categories were left blank. As far as the rest of the content goes, it was very informative and concise, and did give a very accurate description with what to expect from the X-Convict

This thread was posted in January, and someone brought it back up. I had a different mindset back then.

Gotcha. Didn’t even notice :o