YYJ X Convict review.

okay, to start of this is an amzing yoyo in my opinion, even though it doesnt have silicone response, its still nonresponsive with the rubber O rings. Its great for grinds, any type! its great for stalls which its built for, and im gonna compare it to the YYJ dark magic 2 , The x con is a little smaller, and the metal weight rings are longer tapered down then the DM2. and the x con is more of an original butterfly shape, my DM outplays the convict now considering its very old, and my DM is new. but if they were both new, i would choose convict over DM. Well heres the Specs: Diameter: 2.13 , Width: 1.58 , Weight: 67.5 grams , Bearing Size: Size C YYJ Speed Bearing. And yes its a good player,

Pros: long spinning.
no vibe.
good weight.

Cons: Snags occasionally.
narrow gap.

If i left something out, please tell me i want CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM, not bagging on me , so thanks.

You do realize it has an adjustable gap? ???

yes i do, but it barely adjusts anything and it feels the same narrowness to me.

Use a shim

I didn’t find it to be that way. YMMV of course.

I’d have to agree with Batryn, I’m very pleased with both my Xcons in which they both have a shim or two for each of them. Not a bad review though but I’d like to see the whole review just being a little longer.

when and where did you buy the x convict? I cannot find it anywhere and i really want one!

i bought it like 5 months ago and they only had like 3 in stock, and they discontinued them i think…


I agree that this is a great yoyo, but there was one thing I noticed with mine and I was wondering if this was a problem for anyone else. With the stock black o-ring response, my strings got dirty FAST. Within 5 minutes of playing my string looked like it had taken a serious soak in the mud. I realize that they sell red silicone rings but have never tried them. I’m going to try flowable silicone, that should fix it. But I have not had this issue with any of my other yoyos (this is the only yoyo I have with o-rings).

After you play it for awhile the o-rings will wear in a bit and your string won’t turn black very much at all.