X-ConVict review.

The Specifications…



Gap Width:3.32 mm

Bearing Size:“C”

Weight:67.5 Grams


P.S. it may have a counter weight but I am reviewing it on a 1a perspective.

More/Better pictures soon.

The Feel…
It feels a bit big in my hand. It’s a nice rounded shape and it’s not very dramatic in shape so it’s fairly comfortable. The metal has no coat on it it’s just left raw so it’s a little grippy. But over all it’s in the middle of the road when it comes to the overall comfort it’s not that amazing but it’s not any where near close to uncomfortable.

The Play…
The play is good the only thing is I have RTV silicone in my X-ConVict so I can’t really feel right giving people the impression that I didn’t do any thing to it. The width is really nice I can do Eli Hops easily with the width it has. The other thing is weight is nicely place on the rims giving long spins. The grinds aren’t that great because the metals raw and has no coat or anything but you can still do them they just slow the yoyo down quite a bit. There is only one thing I have a problem with, the gap. The only thing I don’t like about the yoyo is gap, it’s just a little too small for my taste I like to have a wide gap that takes a lot of effort to bind I like to have to double over with my loop for binds. So it’s a tad bit less then dead unresponsive. But then again that’s my opinion. So over all the play is good.

The Verdict…
The yoyo is good in play and it’s not too expensive but I have to say that if you pay a little more you could end up getting a full metal yoyo that’s a lot smoother. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great yoyo that will do all the trick you want it to do but I have to say if I compare it to my DV888 I would pick my DV888 over it for two reasons,The durability and how well it grinds. and the thing is it’s just $2.50 more plus it’s all metal so it has durability unlike my X-ConVict which is starting to crack on the bearing seat… But if you love the shape and that isn’t a concern for you, you should get it it’s not a bad yoyo at all I’m just pointing out both it’s pros and “cons”… lol ;D

Not a bad review :slight_smile: The only thing though with the gap, you can put
shims in it, for it is an adjustable gap throw. Just my two cents ;D

That’s true I have never got any so I’ll have to try it some time.

does anyone know where i can get one of these? Ive been looking for an x convict and can’t find them anymore. It sucks that yoyojam isn’t making the older models like th x con, hitman, dark magic black night, speeder or anything else. Please respond if you know where i can get an x convict :slight_smile:

Buy one on the BSTs. There are always a few for sale, and if there aren’t, just make a new post requesting one.

great, great yo yo. nice review…thanks for postin’ this :slight_smile:

had no idea the xconvict was out of production. imho, it’s a timeless yyj - right up there w/ the dm and hm.



It’s being redesigned to incorporate the new Solid Spin axle system according to JD’s site.

You must have really small hands.

You must have really small hands.

I think it’s I’m used to small throws and since I have picked up a ProtoStar I can now tell that this isn’t really that big compared to a lot of throws. I think I’m just used to my Hectic which I threw for a good year or more and every thing feel huge compared to that…

THX FOR THE REVIEW MAN YOUR AWESOME AT THESE THING :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D

Did you only put in RTV or did you do anything else to it? Because mine is so snappy, I haven’t done anything to it (apart from put in a flat bearing) . And I know that shims would work, but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do? Thanks

Have you tried just opening the gap? You don’t need shims to do that.
Have you cleaned the bearing? A lubed bearing will be responsive.

Yes and yes